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Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson can really turn on his scary side in a movie like Pulp Fiction, but when it comes to Star Wars, this Jedi three-timer is like a big kid discovering a lightsaber in a toy store. On a more serious note, Jackson pondered how being part of the whole Star Wars phenomenon will cement his permanent place in Hollywood history. But mostly, according to Jackson, it's all about that purple lightsaber.

Samuel L. Jackson plays
high-ranking Jedi Council
member Mace Windu and
meets his maker in
Star Wars: Episode III.

So of all these things you've done on the screen, was getting to be a fabulous swordfighter in this movie a major kick?

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: Oh, yeah, totally. What I told George [Lucas] about it is that I don't want to die in my sleep and get killed like some punk. So it became like, you ask for something and you get it, and for two weeks, I was in this big ol' room, getting whacked on the shoulders and everywhere else until I finally learned it and got it up to speed.

But I wasn't completely convinced that you died, because we don't see your body.

SJ: The Jedi are able to fall from amazingly high places and survive. So...maybe if there's an Episode Seven, I'll show back up!

How did you first get involved in Star Wars?

SJ: I just kinda showed up when they said, "George wants you in London." I got there and I walked into my dressing room, and there was the Jedi robe hanging there. I was like, wow, because I hadn't seen the script. Everything was, like, top secret, so I just kinda stepped in there and did it. But I told George, "Look, I want to be in the movie. I'll be a stormtrooper. I'll put a white helmet on, run across the screen, and nobody needs to know that's me but me. I don't care. And he was like, "Well, we'll find something better for you to do."

Is the rumor true that there's something engraved on your lightsaber? Because in Pulp Fiction, you had something embroidered on your wallet.

SJ: Actually, when they gave me my lightsaber, the guys who make them took the piece out that activates the lightsaber and they put the piece in it that has "BMF" on it.

And for anyone who doesn't know what BMF is...?

SJ: Bad Mother F**ker!

How does it feel to see action figures of yourself in the stores?

SJ: Actually, I walk past toy stores and there aren't many of me in there. They're always gone! Mine sell out more than anybody else's, and that's kinda cool, but it's cool to sit at home and look up on the shelf and there's me. Let's see...I got Mace Windu. I got Shaft. I got Frozone and I got a Pulp Fiction doll. So I got a few action figures now.

Was there a solemn moment for you now that it's all over?

SJ: Not really. It's just joy. Even when I died and they gave me my lightsaber, it was like, "Okay, this is a great moment." That's all I wanted. Like, what the hell am I gonna do with a Jedi robe? I can't wear it around the house. Well, I guess I could, but that would kinda make me as crazy as the people who, you know, put Jedi down as their religion on job applications, which you can do in the UK, and it's accepted! So you know, I get my lightsaber, and I can take it home...Yes!

Samuel L. Jackson plays high-ranking Jedi Council member Mace Windu and meets his maker in Star Wars: Episode III.

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