Targeting the Science Within Wounds

CME, CPME & CE-Accredited Activity
Target Audience: Physicians, Nurses, Podiatrists

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To further understanding of the importance of wound bed preparation in healing chronic wounds, Smith & Nephew, in collaboration with HMP Communications, presents a monthly series of publications, It’s About TIME. TIME is an acronym for Tissue — non-viable or deficient, Infection or inflammation, Moisture imbalance, and Edge of wound — non-advancing or undermined. Wound management comprising these four major care considerations removes major obstacles to optimal wound closure.

Each installment of the series addresses an aspect of the TIME system.

Supplement: Treating Diabetic Foot Infections

Expert insights on new classification systems, culturing and appropriate antibiotic selection.

Podiatry Today - ISSN: 1045-7860 - Volume 18 - Issue 12a - December 2005

Guidelines for Treatment of Complex Chest Wounds with Negative
Pressure Wound Therapy

December 2004
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VAC Therapy
Proceedings of the 2nd World Union of Wound Healing Societies Meeting

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Internal Medicine Series
Algorithm for Care: The Initial Wound Care Consult

A supplemental newsletter brought to you by the publishers of WOUNDS

NUMBER 1 OCTOBER 2004 | Click here to download PDF

CE Activity:

The Role of Bioengineered Skin Substitutes in the Treatment of Chronic Wounds: Where Have we Been, Where are we Going?

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WOUNDS Supplement:
Nutritional & Pharmacological Approaches to Wound Care

CME Accredited Supplement

Collagenase Accelerates Human Keratinocyte Responses to Injury and Wound Healing
New Advances in Wound Debridement
Nutrition and Wound Healing: Strategies to Improve Patient Outcomes
Quality Improvement, Risk Management, and Litigation

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