PulpFiction 1.0.1
What's New in 1.2?
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All the News that's Fit to Squeeze

Buy NowPulpFiction is a next-generation, easy-to-use, powerful RSS/Atom feed reader. Featuring a familiar Mail-like interface, PulpFiction will fetch, organize, and display news and articles from thousands of weblogs and websites.

Leveraging Mail's familiar interface and ease of use, PulpFiction throws some serious muscle behind your news reading. Powerful, flexible filters move, mark, and process articles. Flags, sounds, and dock icons alert you to new or important posts. AppleScript support allows you to extend PulpFiction to work with your entire digital hub: Mail, Safari, the Finder, and more.

Mail Interface
PulpFiction Uses a Familiar Mail-Like Interface.

Packed with Vitamin C

This isn't your mother's news aggregator. PulpFiction is buff and ready to roar! Powered by a speedy sqlite database that safely stores articles you want to keep around, PulpFiction provides all you need to gain control over the maddening amount of information rushing at you every day. Come to think of it, your mom could use that too!

SubscriptionsLabel and Manage Subscriptions with Unparalleled Ease

If you're not content to organize things into folders alone, you'll love PulpFiction's unlimited labels. Give all of your Apple-related feeds an orange label, give your friends blogs' a blue label - go crazy!

The Web, from Concentrate

To begin reading news, you "subscribe" to a "news feed." PulpFiction grabs, parses, and filters these feeds into folders you've set up. It's almost as if you're subscribed to 100+ mailing lists with a very smart email client. PulpFiction can process content from 100 websites in seconds. How long would it take you to visit 100 different websites every day?

How you organize your slice of the Web is up to you. Do you want to filter every subscription to its own folder? Or do you like to filter based on the content? PulpFiction's filters let you decide!

Create a Blogroll from PulpFiction with AppleScript

PulpFiction contains powerful tools to help you manage your subscriptions. The subscriptions window shows you the name, URL, feed URL, number of articles, unread articles, and flagged articles, the last article's publication date, the last update, the next update, the schedule, and the label. Sort by any of these or use the handy search box in the toolbar! PulpFiction puts you in control. When we say "the Web, from concentrate," we're not kidding! Just add water!

It's Bright. It's Orange. It's News.

We've only scratched the surface here. PulpFiction's feature list is quite long, but here are our top ten features:

  1. Mail-like interface - intuitive and efficient.
  2. Persistent storage - preserves articles until you say otherwise.
  3. Flagged articles - your very own "best reads" list.
  4. Search field - find things in a flash.
  5. Labels - organize like a madman… with pretty colors!
  6. RSS/Atom support - read the feed, regardless of format.
  7. Built-in browser - comment on articles without leaving PulpFiction!
  8. CSS - lets you customize the look of your articles.
  9. AppleScript - integrate PulpFiction into your digital hub.
  10. Filters - take control of your content.
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New in PulpFiction 1.2!

PulpFiction 1.2 added a number of new features. Here are just a few:

For a complete list, check out the version history.