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Nuweetooun School

At The Tomaquag Indian Memorial Museum

390A Summit Road
Exeter, RI     


Phone: 401-491-9063



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South County, RI
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Some of our students showing our gifts to the people of Haiti

Nuweetooun means “Our Home”
It’s a school with the nurturing environment of home.

Please help our programs at Nuweetooun School. Your donation will positively affect a child’s life.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Nuweetooun School is to teach the whole child; mind, body, and spirit in a way that fires ones imagination for life-long learning.
  • Nuweetooun School is State approved
  • Our staff is highly qualified
  • Teachers are state certified.
  • Students doing some autumn gardening Students drumming at recess

    Come Join Our Circle
    Preserve our culture, history, arts, & language. Share our knowledge with our youth and protect the next seven generations. Kataputush. Join us for culturally centered learning through interdisciplinary units of study.

    We are offering education programs for Kindergarten through Grade 8 in a small nurturing environment for 40 students to develop themselves as life-long learners as well as learning to honor themselves, others, Mother Earth, and the Creator.

    Our Highlights and Student Activities

  • Grades 5-8 are part of Pequot Museum Archeology National Science Foundation Grant
  • Learned about Kettle holes, river formation and other geological formations
  • Watershed study with Dinalyn Spears
  • Created aquifers and model water cycles
  • Designed and built model fishing weirs
  • Found new hiking trails, and learned Gardening

    Social Studies/Geography

  • Participated in state celebration- created Native themed wreath
  • We wrote letters to Veterans and received good responses
  • Learned about Haiti and gave donations
  • Acted as student docents in the Museum
  • Created Thanksgiving Address in Narragansett language and put it in a basket mural

    Arts/Art history

  • Painted portraits
  • Beaded earrings and picture frames as gifts
  • Eastern Woodland Pottery
  • Traditional flute
  • Drum and sing daily

    Field Trips

  • Toured State House
  • We went to the Nutcracker Ballet
  • Visited Pequot Museum
  • Visited Gilbert Stuart Museum as part of Rhode Island study
  • Studied cranberries and went picking at a bog

    Explorers doing color experiments Investigators making an aquifer

    Student Enrollment
    We are enrolling Students for 2005-2006 school year. Your child will learn in an environment that teaches respect, empowers students to follow their dreams, teaches students to be self-motivated, and own their own learning. Students are models for one another, serve as peer mentors, and as leaders for our school and communities. Students learn to be independent thinkers and develop into mature, competent, and passionate individuals.

    All new students enrolled by July 1st receive $500 discount on tuition.

    Join our Circle at Nuweetooun School
    1. Contact staff for pre-admission packet
    2. Schedule a tour of school
    3. Meet with staff to discuss the program and curriculum (full curriculum may be viewed)

    School Information

    Classroom Environment
  • Small class sizes provided to facilitate individual learning.
  • All subjects are taught and integrated into experiential interdisciplinary units when applicable.
  • Students are taught in a multi-age setting which encourages leadership, mentoring, and community values.
  • Students are taught through whole group, small group and individual instruction.

    Transportation and Hours

  • School Bus transportation is available in South County. (call for town list)
  • Students who live outside of South County may enroll if parents provide transportation.
  • School hours are 8:30am - 3pm.
  • All Day Kindergarten
  • After-school program available at Tomaquag
  • School calendar available on website or by request.

    Unique Learning Opportunities

  • Tomaquag Museum used for extended learning.
  • Arcadia Management Area used for environmental learning.
  • Trip to Washington D.C.

    We invite you to visit us.
    To make an appointment please call 401-491-9063
    or e-mail us at Lorenspears@tomaquagmuseum.com.

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