DaBCoS: Database Compare & Synchronize
The purpose of this project is to create an application that allows dbas and developers to compare and synchronize the structure of two databases.
Plaform: .NET
Development language: C#
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I've just released a Pre-Alpha version on DaBCoS3! This is a totaly rewritten version of DaBCoS. I've designed it to support a plugin architecture so that it would be possibile to compare and syncronize heterogeneous data source. I've developed it during this summer, and now i'm again full of work so I haven't all the time i wish to continue developing DaBCoS....anyway, slower or not i'm determined to go forward. This is a pre-alpha showing the engine architecture, and its plugins. The Windows Form client is just a test client to check that plugins works correctly. Stay Tuned!

I just want to thanks all the people that has sent me requests, helps and ideas on how to improve DaBCoS. All the thing you've sent will be, as I say to all of you, taken in great consideration. I'm writing this to inform that all the additions and the changes will be done directly on the v 0.3 which i'm slowly workin' on.

2004-07-16 v. 0.3
Ok guys i've finally found some time to put on a draw my ideas and to start to begin to write some new code right from the scratch. The new version of DaBCoS will be completely rewritten so that it will support a plugin architecture in order to easily support any kind of database. Each database will have a provider that allows DaBCoS to commnicate with the DB and to gather schema informations. These info will be put in a special XML document (DBML: Database Markup Language), and the compare will be done against the XML document. Once done the a XML Diffgram like document will be generated and passed to each provider so that it can persist changes to the original database. Hopefully i'll have some free time to put something nice up during the summer vacantion...let's see what happen.

This draw show the high-level architecture that i have in mind.

mmm...seems that a lot of time passed since i post the last news. Unfortunately for the project, but fortunately for me :-), this year has been full of work and so the spare time for free-time projects was very few and it's gone to other more requested (and less impegnative) project.
Anyway i still have the will the bring on DaBCoS, and i've already have in mind all the functionalities for the version 2.0 that will be completely based on XML for cross database vendors compatibility. So let's hope that i'll win the National Lottery so that i'll have so much free time the i'll finish DaBCoS for sure! :-D

Happy new year to everyone!!!!

2003-04-13 v. 0.2.1198
Finally the version 0.2 is out! The really big change in this version is that the code is now completely Object Oriented (though more improvements can be done :-D).
This resulted in the ability to handle DIFFERENT VERSION of Sql Server. The interface with sql server is now defined in a really simple XML file. Provided with this release there are the sql server 2000 interface file, and the sql server 7 interface file. This last one is just a mere copy of the 2000 so it probably won't function correctly. If someone can help to make it work (i don't have a sql server 7 at hand now), it will really be appreciated.(You just need to translate the T-SQL scripts you can found in the XML interface file from 2000 to 7.0 version. It should no be difficult to do)<br>
Ok, now i'm working on including indexes and constraints in the comparison engine. Once done that i'll be ready to start to develop the synchronization engine.

2003-02-16 v. 0.2.1142 (Private Release)
I'm working a lot to make the code completely follow the Object Oriented programming rules. I'm also re-engineering it so that it will support a sort of "add-in" so that DaBCoS will be able to handle different version of SQL Server. Also corrected some bugs and improved al lot the code reusability so that it will be more compact, readable and easy to mantain.
All the user asked features should be implemented (saving of working session and compatibility with earlier version of SQL Server).

2003-01-17 v. 0.1.1106
This version has a more clear and a little more Object Oriented code; in addition some bugs has been corrected (for example stored procedure were not sorted) and the GUI has been simplified and changed to look a little better.

DaBCos is getting a little popular every day! Now its link appears on the famous GotDotNet and Sql Server Performance sites!

2002-27-12 v. 0.1.1091
Added compare of stored procedure
Added source code view for stored procedure
Added compare of functions
Added source code view for functions
Improved the database login funcionality

2002-13-11 v. 0.1.1047
It's now possibile to compare views
Now logins to SQL Server are remembered
In the details window it's possibile to see view's source code

2002-29-10 v. 0.1.1032
Added icons and graphics
Added progress bar
Added colum level compare on tables
Modified highlight algorithm
Added very basic view compare

2002-25-10 v. 0.1.1027
First release version.

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