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2001-12-30Fun figures on songs sung this year.
2001-12-26Back again & taken by Storm
2001-12-17ROH review from
2001-12-14Vespertine one of 2001's gems
2001-12-13Björk interview in Guardian
2001-12-13A few number of RoH tickets...
2001-12-12A Prayer For The Heart
2001-12-08DVD releases for the US + more

Happy news for American fans - on december 17th, the 3 live DVD's will be released in NTSC format!

Live In Cambridge
01. Hunter
02. Come To Me
03. All Neon Like
04. You've Been Flirting Again
05. Isobel
06. Immature
07. Play Dead
08. Alarm Call
09. Human Behaviour
10. Bachelorette
11. Hyperballad
12. Pluto
13. Anchor Song
14. Joga

Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire
01. Headphones
02. Army Of Me
03. One Day
04. The Modern Things
05. Venus As A Boy
06. You've Been Flirting Again
07. Isobel
08. Possibly Maybe
09. I Go Humble
10. Big Time Sensuality
11. Hyperballad
12. Enjoy
13. Human Behaviour
14. Anchor Song
15. I Miss You
16. Crying
17. Violently Happy

MTV Unplugged (1994)
01. Human Behaviour
02. One Day
03. Come To Me
04. Big Time Sensuality
05. Violently Happy
06. Crying
07. Like Someone In Love
08. Aeroplane
09. Anchor Song

MTV Live 'n' Loud
01. You've Been Flirting Again
02. Isobel
03. Human Behaviour
04. Bachelorette
05. Joga
06. Pluto

...and another recent release is the audio DVD of Vespertine!
A must-have for people who want the best audio quality possible.

2001-12-07Reviews from Japan gotten! (updated)
2001-12-07Pagan Poetry out in Holland
2001-12-04New gig announced, contest at
2001-11-27In the box, Pagan Poetry
2001-11-152 C A Concert in Reykjavik Is Easy
2001-11-13Angel in Avignon
2001-11-10New section: about&about;!
2001-11-10New tour date added: Reykjavík 19 december
2001-11-09What is it? A new song, that's what
2001-11-05Riding the swan wave
2001-11-04Press conference in Spain today
2001-10-27Three new DVD's coming up
2001-10-26Revival! 77ísland is back in business!
2001-10-20Some Leno-gadgets
2001-10-19Nick Knight talks PP in NME is Pagan Poetry as The Single
2001-10-18Reverb online
2001-10-17Reverb and Leno reminder
2001-10-16Björk videos on screen
2001-10-10Moving Excitement at Raindance
2001-10-08Electric frocks (I love them)
2001-10-08Royal Opera House concert confirmed!
2001-10-08Björk on CNN and HBO
2001-10-06More dates added: Italy
2001-10-03Concert dates in Spain and Germany added
2001-10-02Nick Knight does Pagan Poetry
2001-10-01New tour dates: Japan
2001-09-27Debut & Post go platinum, Homogenic gold
2001-09-21Special stuff, that book!
2001-09-21Toronto Concert moved back One Day
2001-09-19Zeena online
2001-09-18VH1 special & interview
2001-09-11Safe and (making) sound
2001-09-10More TV shows on the way
2001-09-08Vespertine is number one!
2001-09-08From the TV to the Monitor!
2001-09-08Chit-chatting on AOL + more
2001-09-06Reverb in the Church!
2001-09-05I'm a TV!
2001-09-04You thought it was over?
2001-09-04pssst! it is sold out...
2001-09-03So Meester Fly, what R U up 2 ?
2001-09-03Björk Ghöst Cöast Tö Cöast
2001-09-01pssst! pssst! pssst!
2001-08-31Yours in a flash!
2001-08-30Sweepstakes galore @ Yahoo
2001-08-29Matmos, mushy peas!
2001-08-27Guess Wot! Guess Wot? Guess Wot!
2001-08-25Meester QueTee sends Meester Fly a card
2001-08-24Last night's concert at Sainte Chapelle
2001-08-23Björk honoured by French government
2001-08-23Press conference held yesterday
2001-08-21A bit of visual delight!
2001-08-21Second gig at Grand Rex report
2001-08-19Pictures from the Grand Rex gig
2001-08-18First concert in world-tour went splendid!
2001-08-14Vespertine N-America Pre-Sale Information
2001-08-13Unwind & Unravel at tour rehearsal
2001-08-11The Times & 'A whole Lot of Things'!
2001-08-09Win Vespertine on
2001-08-08Web-Server re-location
2001-08-06Hidden Place released 6 august!
2001-08-04Closeup of the tour at hand
2001-07-31See Björk on TOTP online
2001-07-28Special Les Inrocks issue & web
2001-07-19Vesper sounds all around!
2001-07-19Want to meet someone?
2001-07-10Explore Vespertine through a magazine
2001-07-06To be Verandi is Now not Later
2001-07-02It's time to play hide and go seek!
2001-06-29Hidden Place not so Hidden in QT
2001-06-28Verandi or not Verandi
2001-06-27B-sides galore on Hidden Place single
2001-06-26Sainte Chapelle tickets?
2001-06-20Grand rush for the Grand Rex
2001-06-17Of Hidden Place, Cocoon & Pagan Poetry
2001-06-04Isn't this special?
2001-05-23They talk about a holy experience
2001-05-23Riverside Church Concert Last Night
2001-05-21Rehearsals in New York Today
2001-05-20Gentlemen prefer blond ...eyebrows?
2001-05-19So why did disappear
2001-05-18The concert is sold out!!!
2001-05-18It is High Noon, Here is the LINK for the concert
2001-05-17Thank God! It's Friday! For Tickets!
2001-05-15Vespertine! A Concert! Let it all begin!
2001-05-02Video gossip from Fashion Net
2001-04-17For the rest of us! Here are the Dancer winners...
2001-04-08Notice to Telegraph subscribers
2001-04-02The MWC bottoms have been spanked & whipped!
2001-04-015000 Exciting Times Ahead Now
2001-03-31Björk in the magazines
2001-03-26White Swan, Cake and Afterhours
2001-03-26The world has seen it all!
2001-03-26Ride a Wild White Swan to the Shrine
2001-03-25We are tuned into the Oscars...
2001-03-22Rehearsals for the Academy Awards underway
2001-03-19Björk in focus
2001-03-13Vespertine is definitely for all seasons
2001-03-05No duet, we do regret...
2001-03-05Telegraph delay
2001-02-24The MessengerBag is the Message
2001-02-21No Grammy for Björk tonight
2001-02-20The Plot Unfolds Like It Should
2001-02-19& it should not be forgotten at the Oscars
2001-02-16Vespertine keeps unfolding before our eyes
2001-02-15Björk to play @ Academy Awards
2001-02-13It Is Not Domestika At All...
2001-02-13Oscar nomination for 'I've Seen It All'
2001-01-22Golden Globe graphical delight!
2001-01-21No Globe Tonight!
2001-01-17Selmasongs get a Brits Nomination
2001-01-17The Satellites Have Seen It All
2001-01-09Dancer In The Dark DVD release
2001-01-03How about some (tele)Grammies?
2001-01-01Happy New Year!