high-top holiday stocking

Lshop_1873_10507574This is my kind of Holiday Stocking: High-Top Holiday Stocking. It's handmade of cotton and denim, with a jingle bell sewn into the white taffeta lining, has a navy blue velvet backing, and measures about 7 1/2" x 19." Available at the libraryshop for a whopping $100! (outch!)

boo davis | designer/illustrator


Lovely body of work: Boo Davis.

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ArtBitz, the designers stock resource!

re-used yarn covered pig

I *LOOOVE* this Re-Used Yarn Covered Pig! Oink! Muji rocks.

lifecycle of bloggers

Lifecycle of Bloggers



Have been trying to purchase this ueber-cute car-stuffed-thingy over at etsy for the past 15 minutes. My account sign up doesn't seem to go through. Booo hoo! (Etsy = a website where people can sell anything they want, as long as it’s handmade.)


The more you seek security, the less of it you have. But the more you seek opportunity, the more likely it is that you will achieve the security that you desire.

- Brian Tracy

jeffrey hein | painter


Jeffrey Hein made some neat additions to his site: New work and you can preview each print scaled in comparison to life and to the original. Check it out. www.jeffreyhein.com

ubu web

UbuWeb is a completely independent resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts. All materials on UbuWeb are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only.

Check out the impressive artist index.

jonathan yuen


I was just thinking how uninspired I am by the graphic design scene these days and ...wooosh... there I come across Jonathan Yuen's portfolio site which made my heart jump. What beautiful work and overall aesthetics!

I especially like "Flesh" in his Self-Study Projects.
Yay, I feel inspired!

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officially grown up

Want to feel grown up?
Have a Life Insurance Dude come by your house.

muji cd player


Oh, I love Muji's wallmounted CD-Player - perfect for my bathroom! I can't seem to find an online store for the US though. Bummer. I know that the MoMA stores started carrying MUJI products, this CD player is not part of their current inventory though.

Does anyone know where I could buy one of these in the US?

ugly shoe of the week

Puffaboots This silly blog just totally made my day: Shoewawa | Ugly shoe of the week! (The model on the left is so ugly, that it is almost pretty again... ha!)

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cool hunting gift guide

Need some gift ideas? Cool Hunting Gift Guide 2005

tomy flip-flap solar powered plant

Tomy_flipflapTomy Flip-Flap Solar Powered Plant: Another thing the world doesn't need. But I like it anyway. (My plant at work just died... booo!)

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garlic press with slicer


I believe in the power of garlic. Therefore, I am fascinated by this Garlic Press with Slicer.

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top 100

According to Technorati I made it into the Swiss Top 100 Blogs! YAY!

place to sell photos online

Want to earn some extra money from your images by selling them online? Read this dphotojournal article.

decorate with words


I am going absolutely gaga over this swiss furniture design: SET: Decorate with words
Giant freestanding letters with bookshelves inside!
This is *fabulous*!

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twist & sprout

GiesskanneTwist & Sprout: Place your twist & sprout on any water or soda bottle & it instantly converts them to ergonomic pourers. Excellent!

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