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Your parents probably drank MILO when they were children too, as MILO has been around since 1933.

For some time Nestlé had been trying to develop a chocolate energy drink, but had been having problems creating a fully dry product. It was a research team, headed by Thomas Mayne, who finally hit on the idea of using the latest vacuum shelf drying technology. The following year, MILO was launched at the Sydney Royal Easter Show to instant acclaim and popularity.

In Greek mythology there was a Roman athlete named MILOn who was famous for his feats of strength. Legend has it that he once carried a four-year-old bullock through the stadium in Olympia, Greece! You may not grow as strong as Milon by drinking MILO, but it is a very tasty way to get many of the nutrients you need to grow strong.

Most children enjoy their MILO mixed with cold milk to make a nice 'crunchy' drink, or in a delicious hot drink to warm them up during the winter.

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