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spacer Technology Readiness Levels Introduction:
Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) are a systematic metric/measurement system that supports assessments of the maturity of a particular technology and the consistent comparison of maturity between different types of technology.

The TRL system was adopted by the NASA space program for project tracking and management and was incorporated in NASA's 1991 Integrated Technology Plan. TRL was originally designed for traditional engineering programs with specific requirements and products.

There are nine different TRLs, which can be broken down into roughly five categories:

  • basic research in new technologies and concepts.
  • focused technology development addressing specific technologies for one or more potential identified applications.
  • technology development and demonstration for each specific application before the beginning of full system deployment.
  • system development (through first unit fabrication).
  • system ‘launch’ and operations.

Airspace Systems uses TRL's as a way to assess the level of maturity of a particular technology and provide a consistent standard of comparison between technologies. In short, TRL is a technology milestone.

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