Rick Jelliffe's Extras

Apart from my work with Topologi products and Schematron and other standards,
I have been working on a new line of unique virtual synthesizers due 2005
and researching 15th Century East Asian pirates for a possible book.
Here are some of the by-products.
Rick Jelliffe


A VST synth using the design and sounds of Yamaha's® CS-* serices, as used in the CS-60, CS-80 and GX-1.


A VST synth emulating Oskar Sala's Subharmonic Synthesis method, as used in his Trautonium synthesizers, which were developed and played from the 1930s to the 1990s: as used in the soundtrack for "The Birds" for example. Capable of eerie lines: are they chords or notes?


A homage to Roland's® idiosyncratic and unique SH-3A and the sounds of 70's monosynths.

13 Jan. 2005: v. 1.1 released with improved GUI,
improved compatability, and 16 additional presets

VSTi plugin for Windows. Unlimited trial

See the three-part Series on the Ricko-3A
at O'Reilly Digital Media


A complex phaser-like effect. Add funkiness and spaciness.

VSTi plugin for Windows. Unlimited trial


Generates sharp bursts of noise, with ten variable frequency bands, for creating impulse files for FIR reverb units. Results range from the lightest of upper thickening to impossible reverbs.

VSTi plugin for Windows. Unlimited trial


Four SoundFont players in a single VST, with individual ADSR and panning.

VSTi plugin for Windows. Unlimited trial

Austronesian Projection

Current common world maps do not reflect how the world seems to me, especially as a traveller from Australia: they place undue importance on the equator, the compass, and accurate depiction of oceanic distances; they relate to the age of sea travel not air and land travel. Furthermore, their continentalist layouts disguise in particular existence of the island-based Austranesian region.

My Austronesian Projection is a world map made by stitching projections of each continent from maps projected from above each continent including neighbouring islands: in the case of Australia, New Zealand and Austronesia the projection is from above the Arafura Sea. The main distortions are each side of the Indian subcontinent and the distances from Japan to North America.

The map also shows the reality of air travel times from Australia: East Asia is close, the Middle East and West-Coast North America are middle distance, Europe and East-Coast North America is far, Africa and South America are very far.

Large brown rendition
Small blue rendition
Large blue rendition with bottom corners darkened
Large blue rendition with Austronesian halo indicating Australian territories and neighbours

Permission granted for any use.

Copyright (C) 2004 Rick Jelliffe
VST Plugin Technology by Steinberg.