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 Welcome to Kings Bay AS, Ny-Ålesund

Ny-Ålesund in May 2005

Kings Bay AS runs and operates the worlds northernmost permanent settlement, Ny-Ålesund, situated on Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Here Kings Bay is serving and delivering infrastructure as well as logistic services such as full board and lodging to scientists and research stations operating in Ny-Ålesund. We are happy to welcome you to this website and to introduce you to the services we offer up here in the high Arctic.

Svalbard is part of the High Arctic region and one of the last and most extensive areas of untouched wilderness in Europe. Only 1,200 km from the North Pole you will find Ny-Ålesund, the world's northernmost permanent settlement and a modern research centre with facilities and infrastructure of a high standard. Easily accessed by several flights a week, you might be surprised finding yourself in unspoiled arctic nature only steps away from your comfortable bed.

Each year scientists from at least fifteen nations come here to work on a total of 120 different research projects. Norway, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, France, South Korea and China have all established their own research stations in Ny-Ålesund.

On the following pages you will find a number of services available, including how to get to Ny-Ålesund and how to book a stay here. You will at all times find up-to-date information on time schedules, phone numbers and other practical information about Kings Bay and Ny-Ålesund. On our links page we have links to relating sites, such as scientific stations in Ny-Ålesund, general information about Svalbard and so on.

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Flight ScheduleThe flight schedule for winter 2005/2006 and for spring and summer 2006 are now available.
The flight schedule will be updatet with extra flights regulary. Be sure to check before booking your mainland flight.

Ledig stilling - ResepsjonslederI Kings Bay AS er det ledig et engasjement som resepsjonsleder. For informasjon, klikk "Kings Bay AS" i menyen til venstre og se under "vacant positions".

Ledig stilling -
AFIS m/ tilleggsoppgaver
I Kings Bay AS er det ledig et engasjement som AFIS med tilleggsoppgaver ut fra kvalifikasjoner. For informasjon, klikk "Kings Bay AS" i menyen til venstre og se under "vacant positions".

Revision of land-use plan
Kings Bay AS has started a revision of the land-use plan for Ny-Ålesund. For further details or questions please contact adviser Aina Holst: radgiver@kingsbay.no

New website
Kings Bay has moved it's web hosting to a new site, greatly facilitating timely updates of the content. As of Friday, June 24th, there are still some minor fixes to be done to the website in terms of internal links, but the majority of the contents are in place.

The Marine LaboratoriumThe prime minister of Norway, Kjell Magne Bondevik, opened the Marine Laboratorium on June 1st 2005. Despite challenging weather conditions, all the invited guests made it in time for the ceremony.

Campus NetworkThe network is now operational, connecting all institutions and research buildings in Ny-Ålesund with gigabit speeds. All research institutions have access to the network, with the possibility of placing instruments and workstations outside their own buildings while still retaining connections. The Zeppelin station (NILU and MISU), is also connected to the campus network, albeit at "only" 36 mbit.

High speed Internet accessUninett has installed their router in Ny-Ålesund, establishing the second Point-of-Presence on Svalbard. With this installation, the Internet has in fact moved one degree further north! Kings Bay AS, the Norwegian Polar Institute and Alfrew Wegener Institute have already started utilizing the enormous bandwith available to research and education in Ny-Ålesund.

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