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One City - An Introduction

One City

Our vision is for a city of strong communities and excellent services.
We are calling this vision 'One City' because it captures our commitment to building city neighbourhoods, characterised by tolerant and active citizens, where the council maintains order, offers opportunity and supports enterprising businesses.
These pages provide information on the proposed programme and the new challenges we face.
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An open event with dinner for black and minority ethnic communities next Tuesday.
  • The Westminster Partnership for Racial Equality (WPRE) and the Black and Minority Ethnic Network (BMEN) are coming together to launch a participatory event to hear the voices of black and minority people in the City of Westminster;
  • In a mixture of mini-workshops, focus groups, and panel debates - managed by a team of independent facilitators - members of black and minority ethnic communities will be able to share their views and recommendations on Westminster's future;
  • The Leader of the Council and senior Council officers will be in attendance to witness their views and concerns, and provide an immediate feedback;
  • 5.30 and 8.30pm on Tuesday, 13th December 2005, St Mark's Church, 254 Old Marylebone Rd, Edgware Rd tube; Dinner will be served;
  • For more information contact, 020 7467 3003

One City is Westminster City Council's proposed vision for the next five years. The programme is the successor of the Civic Renewal programme which saw the delivery of over 100 specific improvements to the city.
The One City programme will focus on 'Excellent Services - Strong Communities' with the four strands of Order, Opportunity, Enterprise and Renewal.
Here, Simon Milton, the Leader of Westminster City Council, further outlines the One City vision.

One City is based on a vision for Westminster that is bound together by strong communities, supported by excellent services. To achieve this there are four proposed themes. Order, covering the street environment; Opportunity, covering social service, leisure, housing and children’s services; Enterprise, including plans for business; and Renewal, covering the future of our streets and parks.

The focus is on communities, giving people the chance to play a fuller role in city life. We want to make Westminster the best place in the UK for quality of life and, strong communities, and help make London the world’s greatest city.

The bombings and attempted bombings of 7th and 21st July were an attack on our way of life and were intended to set London’s communities against each other. We want Westminster to remain open and tolerant, to create a place where people are linked together by more than geography and the fact that they reside in the same city.

Regardless of background, people want to be able to raise families, use decent schools and build businesses. They do not walk around each day thinking about ‘diversity’. By continually emphasising difference we risk creating a city that splinters or separates because people think they have different interests. Instead, we should think in terms of ‘diverse backgrounds but common aspirations.’ Our approach will be unity under laws, with tolerance and help for all regardless of race, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation.

Our challenge at the council has to be to understand our customers, offer the services they want and make them available when they want them. We will encourage residents and businesses to help make the city a better place for everyone, through volunteering, community action, faith groups, representative residents and business groups.

You will be hearing more about One City over the coming weeks and months and we want to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, so that we can all join together in making sure that this city continues to develop as a place where people can achieve their aspirations and realise their ambitions.