welcome to casperelectronics

casperelectronics: Producing circuit bent sound gadgets and custom built musical instruments for the masses.

Throughout my life I've pursued many fields of interest and have assumed several different titles; artist, musician, craftsman, inventor and experimental electrical engineer being a few. All of these interests have harmoniously come together in the form of casperelectronics. Through this happy union there is endless possibility. It never gets stale or boring and there are always new ideas to explore.

Within this site you will find documentation of some of the pieces I have produced over the past few years, as well as some info on how casperelectronics came to be. There are lots of pictures and sounds to check out so take some time to look around.

casperelectronics studio Pete Edwards (aka casperelectronics) in the studio, 2005.

For all of you circuit benders out there, I've included some schematics and details on finding bends in many of the pieces displayed here. I get an overwhelming number of emails from individuals looking for such information, so please take a thorough look before writing. Enjoy.

- pete

Television Interview Pete Edwards being interviewed by a Swedish television station, 2005.

What is circuit bending?

Circuit bending is the art of selectively shorting circuiting audio circuit boards to uncover bizarre sounds and capabilities that were never intended to exist by the original designer. Doing this often "confuses" the circuit without actually damaging or disabling it. The circuit will continue to function but not in the way originally intended. One of the clearest examples of this can be heard in the sound samples for the SA-2 found in the "Finished Pieces" section.