Moh's Chelali Campaign Focus

"Strengthen public health care to reduce waitlists for key services, end privatization, and respond better to patient needs

The Liberal government is putting patient care at risk by shutting down hospitals, closing emergency rooms and cutting long-term care for seniors. And by opening up more of health care to privatized services, Gordon Campbell is moving BC closer to a two-tiered system where those who can afford it are able to buy their way to the front of the line.

Carole James will move British Columbia’s health care system forward, developing and delivering innovation in quality public health care.

Her solutions lie in prevention rather than privatization.

In strengthening hospitals, not closing them. And in listening to community needs, not making arbitrary decisions behind closed doors.

The New Democrat Plan

Reduce waitl i sts and strengthen hospital services

Expand long-term care services, starting by opening 1,000 units in the first year and a total of 6,000 by 2009, to reduce waitlists and make life better for seniors

Reduce waitlists and privatization of surgical procedures by:

• investing $75 million in a waitlist reduction strategy

• creating new, public specialized surgical and diagnostic centres

End emergency room backlogs by:

• funding 200 acute care beds

• hiring more nurses

• expanding the role of nurse practitioners to BC hospitals

A greater focus on community health care, deci sion-making and prevention

• Stop closing hospitals and emergency services, and require health boards to consult with communities on any significant changes to services

• Improve public accountability through local elections for some health authority board positions

• Improve access to front line health care by investing in community-based prevention and primary care – adding 12 new Family Health Care Centres

• Increase British Columbians’ access to family doctors by making it easier for highly skilled foreign trained doctors to set up practice in BC

Authorized by Linda Cabeza- Financial agent- Tel: 604-542-4637