The History and Mystery of the Carroll A. Derring

The New Carroll A Deering
This beautiful 5-mast schooner, the Carroll A. Deering, was launched on Friday afternoon April 4, 1919, in Bath, Maine.  She was graceful, strong, proud and eager for a long and productive life on the high seas.  Yet, incredibly, she was found high aground on Hatteras' Diamond Shoals on a winter morning 21 months later under full rigging and sail but devoid of crew, alive or otherwise!  What were the circumstances that caused this proud ship to come to such an early end affording it a firm place in the history books as the "Ghost Ship of Diamond Shoals"?

Wreck of the Carroll A Deering How could this happen?  What was involved in her demise?  Who were the key players?  Were there hidden motives?  Theories abound to this day about the Carroll A. Deering.   Her demise still remains as one of the greatest unsolved maritime mysteries of all time.  Read her story and then judge for yourself.   Was it piracy?  Was it mutiny?  Was it booze runners? Was it simply abandonment at sea?

           See if you can solve the mystery