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¨We chose after being stuck with Siebel. We were up and running in 90 days, with full integration with SAP.¨

 - Jean Michel-Berard
   CEO, Esker Software
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Boosting first-call resolution and customer loyalty

When it comes to customer service, "almost" is definitely not good enough. Your customers expect to be treated well. Otherwise, you may lose them to the competition. The challenge is to deliver that high level of service while keeping costs low. Salesforce Service & Support, the leading on-demand service and support application, gives your service organization a complete view of the past history of your customers. It also provides the tools to make your interactions with them more efficient.

A comprehensive multichannel customer service application that:

.: Provides workflow, case queuing, escalation, and other capabilities to increase agent productivity
.: Gives agents the information they need to handle inquiries more quickly and increase first-call resolution rates
.: Makes all relevant customer data available so agents can anticipate the needs of customers and exceed their expectations

Your service agents must handle customer objections and solve challenges on a daily — even a minute-by-minute — basis. With the agent console and integrated email support provided by Salesforce Service & Support, they can efficiently manage your company's relationship with each customer. Those capabilities are coupled with a sophisticated knowledge management system that suggests solutions to agents based on similar queries that have been resolved in the past.

' is exactly what we needed. We have significantly reduced customer support costs and increased the support team's productivity.' Engineer, Anystream

Providing fast, personalized service
Real-time reporting and case management tools give your managers the data they need to improve team performance. Pre-built computer telephony integration (CTI) capabilities make integrating your existing customer service infrastructure easy.

With Salesforce Service & Support, agents have the information and tools they need and a full perspective on each customer. They can respond more accurately and resolve customer problems the first time around. Your organization saves money by improving its first-call resolution rate. Your customers are happier — and more likely to remain loyal — because they receive fast, personalized service that demonstrates how much you value them.


Multichannel Interactions
.: CTI Integration
.: Email Management
.: Web Self-Service
Agent Productivity
.: Agent Console
.: Suggested Solutions
.: Case Escalation
.: Case Queuing and Routing
.: Case Assignment and Workflow
Customer Service Operations
.: Knowledge Management
.: Self-Service Case Management
.: Workflow Management
.: Asset Management
.: Quality Management
Case Management
.: History Tracking
.: Case Metrics
Real-Time Reporting
.: Performance Dashboard
.: Service Quality Analysis
.: Agent Performance Metrics
.: Customer Issue Analysis

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