National Institute for Discovery Science


NIDS "Day After" Survey


The results of this survey will be posted periodically on the Research News page.

  1. Would a highly publicized landing of extraterrestrials affect your religious attitudes?

    I don't believe in a supreme being
    Would not change my beliefs
    ETs are the devil's work

  2. If you were shown that ETs had just landed and could communicate telepathically (mind to mind) with humans would you be:

    Ready and willing to learn this new skill
    Somewhat interested
    Somewhat nervous

  3. ETs landed and you could choose who should make first contact, it would be:

    The military
    The scientists
    Washington D.C.
    The religious leaders
    A private organization that has planned for such a contingency

  4. Do you think UFOs are:

    Alien spaceships
    Secret government programs
    Normal events that people misinterpret
    Travelers from other dimensions that are always on planet Earth
    I don't know

  5. A public landing by extraterrestrials will occur in the next decade.

    Strongly agree
    Moderately agree
    No opinion
    Moderately disagree
    Strongly disagree

  6. If I believed an announcement that an advanced extraterrestrial life form had been discovered, it would change my life style:

    To a very large degree (quit my job, take up arms, leave my home, hide in the hills, etc.)
    To a modest degree (I'd rethink my religious beliefs, take a vacation, etc.)
    To a slight degree (I'd watch the announcements and continue my life)
    Not at all ( I knew it along or there is nothing I can do about it anyway)
    Who cares

  7. I believe that space exploration is:

    Of great value
    Of moderate value
    Of little value
    Of no value
    Don't care

  8. If I learned that an extraterrestrial craft was headed towards Earth, I would:

    Begin preparing to greet the extraterrestrials.
    Contact my clergy for advice.
    Begin stocking up on food, weapons and ammunition, then look for a place to hide.
    Watch all the available news and continue with my daily life.

  9. If I learned that an intelligent extraterrestrial life form existed, but looked very different from humans, I would be:

    Very frightened
    Defensive of our way of life
    Open and receptive to interaction
    Cautious about interaction until more is known

  10. If undeniable evidence of the existence of advanced extraterrestrial life were confirmed by U.S. government agencies, I believe they would:

    Advise the public of the findings.
    Convene a civilian scientific panel that would study the topic.
    Conduct a study by Government scientists and release the information.
    Classify the information and not allow it to be released to the public.
    Classify all aspects and move to suppress civilian sources from obtaining or disseminating information about the topic.

  11. If undeniable evidence of the existence of advanced extraterrestrial life were observing or visiting earth, I am confident governments would:

    Handle the situation quite capably
    Have difficulty in deciding what to do and admit their difficulty
    Pretend to handle the situation, but not really be able to
    Declare Martial Law
    Abdicate and run away

  12. If undeniable evidence of the existence of advanced extraterrestrial life were confirmed , psychologically

    I am fully prepared to handle it.
    I would have to rethink my place in the Universe.
    I would be seriously shaken.
    I would be distraught to the point of potential suicide.
    I don't care one way or the other.

  13. If undeniable evidence of the existence of advanced extraterrestrial life were confirmed, I believe that others

    Would handle the information in a calm and rational manner
    Would be very concerned
    Would begin to act very strangely
    Would act irrationally and become dangerous to others
    Totally freak out and panic