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Version:  0.6
Type:  Icon Theme
Downloads:  44276
Comments:  80
Posted by:  bvc
Submitted:  17 Jan 05
Updated:  15 May 05
Score:  scorescorescorescore 86% good
Vote:  linkbad   linkgood   

To compliment the Edge gtk and metacity themes.

------0.4.2 (24-Feb-2005)
-added evolution and epiphany/web-browser/firefox, mozilla
-Home icon touched up
See third screenshot
If you want the unfinished wallpaper of the gnome foot, it's here (just center it)
Oh, and there's an alternate epiphany icon like the gnome-foot wallpaper
Stock Navigation icons now work without the gtk theme.

------0.4.3 (1-May-2005)
-new gtk stock icon directory added (April 2005)
-added volume icons, new epiphany, new mozilla, new drawer, new gnome-main-menu
-added a new gnome-searchtool

------0.5 (8-May-2005)
-added a few mimetypes and stock icons
-redo and undo arrows are actually in the Edge GTK theme since they do not work in Icon Themes
*SEE second screenshot*

-added copy, paste, and gaim icons
-gaim icon will have to be put in /usr/share/pixmaps to be seen in the menu
-gaim icons pack added as a separate, alternative download. SEE: screenshot for install instructions.
-(gaim)added the status directory with 16x16 away and offline icons

------0.6 (15-May-2005)
-new, touched up Home. More noticable on darker backgrounds
-new, touched up Computer, directories, and gnome-terminal
-added Documents directory, XChat, gnome-fs-fifo, css and compression mimetypes and gtk-open.
The compression mimetypes have text. I know they don't look great like that but it is more usable than one common compression without text. I may or may not improve the text. Suggestions welcome!
-Gaim icons are now in this package in a separate tarball. SEE: INSTALL.png
SEE: new screenshots and this one
with an alpha firefox theme by digitalfredy

-added Skype icon, by request (second screenshot)
-fixed tgz mimetype that was named tar

-added redo and undo

Licence: GPL
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 Can't install icons 
 by njall  on: 08/20/2005, 5:17
  Hi there !

First, you've done a very nice jobs with your icons. Go on this way !

But unfortunately, I can't install theme. GNOME Theme Manager don't load them when I try to add them. Please help !


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-.  Re: Can't install ic 
 by bvc  on: 08/20/2005, 6:05

Extract to ~/.icons from a terminal or click on the tarball and file-roller should open up. The gnome-theme-manager has been so buggy for so long I don't even use it anymore...ever!
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-.  xmms icon 
 by shadoxx  on: 08/25/2005, 18:27
  Great work. I love it. But an icon for xmms or any music player is still missing.
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-.  Excellent !! 
 by Fedorateur  on: 09/25/2005, 23:14
  Very good, but can you make an icon for "OK" Key ?

look here
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 bad Firefox theme! 
 by marvin  on: 11/02/2005, 0:12
  The Firefox theme is not compatible with Firefox 1.5.
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