Classical Chi Kung Study

- Enlightenment Through The Path Of Skilful Means
In Accordance To The Perfection Stage Of The Secret Mantra Vehicle -

What is Classical Chi Kung Study?

All living beings desire happiness, but chiefly due to a lack of discriminating awareness wisdom of the true nature of the Ultimate Reality and the fruition of karmic causes due to our habitual emotional response to changing conditions, we find ourselves inevitably generating more of the same type of karmic factors leading us back to a recurring cycle of unsatisfactoriness and anxiety.

Recognising every phenomenon in the Universe, including the manner in which we express our body, speech and mind, is merely a cosmic drama of continuous changing patterns of energy due to the ripening influences of both individual and collective karma, the cultivation of discriminating awareness wisdom which enables us to recognise the nature of energy in its actual state, becomes an essential life skill to acquire if it is our wish to attain true happiness in our precious human life.

What is Classical Chi Kung Study?

Classical Chi Kung Study is a Buddhist Path of Liberation with which one's karmic connection with worldly suffering is purified through the practice of Skilful Means in accordance to the Perfection Stage of the Secret Mantra Vehicle, whereby karmic energies - the cause of all worldly sufferings - are purified and transformed, through the integrated action of Buddhist Dharma, Meditation, Physical Discipline and Energy Yoga, into Primordial Wisdom.

The objective of Classical Chi Kung Study is to introduce students to the fundamental phases of equanimity - the foundation of discriminating awareness wisdom. Equanimity is the outcome of having attained cognition of the cause and effect of all things through having harmonised the state of being of one's mindfulness - that of the body, the mind, the feeling and of phenomena originated from psycho-physical factors - with that of the conceptual reality of the here and now, without losing sight of the wider perspective of the Ultimate Reality - the sphere of Dharmadhatu.

CKF1ER is a Classical Chi Kung Foundation Study Program, specifically devised for those who wish to develop the Foundation of Mindfulness upon which the transformation of one's psycho-physical aggregates and the awakening of the subtle mind can be initiated through a course of studies aimed to provide the essential catalyst by which the latent potential of the student's fundamental authenticity can be cultivated through the harmonisation of the interactive dynamics between Energy, Time, Space, and beyond.

CKF1ER provides a gradual path of development whereby the necessary insight and skilful means can be cultivated to enable one to neutralise disruptive mental factors - the chief cause of all our suffering. This involves the dissolving of the ordinary mind to bring forth the emerging of the pure consciousness whereby the spaciousness of one's field of tranquillity naturally expands to enable one's body, speech, and mind to harmonise with the Universal Principles of the Single Truth in Nature. Thus, setting free the primordial potentials of one's fundamental authenticity to actuate a direct union with the Fundamental Continuum of the Universe, leading to the realisation of the Transcendent Truth - the faultless cognition of the Ultimate Reality of All Things.

The course work of CKF1ER is divided into three Semesters. Each Semester is an independent module comprising ten individual Study Blocks. Each Study Block consists of 12 hours of Group Tutorials on Course Study and Subsidiary Study. All the Tutorials are scheduled to take place at the weekend.

Head of Studies: Ngakpa Dondrup Dorje - Dr. P.Young

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