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How the children of a Palestinian theatre group got involved in the Intifadah

A film by Juliano Mer khamis

Written and directed by Juliano Mer Khamis and Danniel Danniel
Produced by Osnat Trabelsi and Pieter van Huystee
Broadcasting company IKON Television
International sales First Hand Films, Esther van Messel
Length 84' and 55'

ARNA'S CHILDREN tells the story of a theatre group that was established by Arna Mer Khamis. Arna comes from a Zionist family and in the 1950s married a Palestinian Arab, Saliba Khamis. On the West Bank, she opened an alternative education system for children whose regular life was disrupted by the Israeli occupation. The theatre group that she started engaged children from Jenin, helping them to express their everyday frustrations, anger, bitterness and fear. Arna's son Juliano, director of this film, was also one of the directors of Jenin's theatre. With his camera, he filmed the children during rehearsal periods from 1989 to 1996. Now, he goes back to see what happened to them. Yussef committed a suicide attack in Hadera in 2001, Ashraf was killed in the battle of Jenin, Alla leads a resistance group. Juliano, who today is one of the leading actors in the region, looks back in time in Jenin, trying to understand the choices made by the children he loved and worked with. Eight years ago, the theatre was closed and life became static and paralysed. Shifting back and forth in time, the film reveals the tragedy and horror of lives trapped by the circumstances of the Israeli occupation.

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I read some of the viewers' comments on the film and felt so interested to watch it.Showing the life of the Palestinians under occupation from the perspective of children can be of a high importance. Children are the most innocent creatures in the world. No human being can give any justification for disrupting the kids' life and making it as a hell. I will be glad if you can help me get a copy of the film. I want my students at school to watch it. My email address is
sent by: Hanade  from: Israel at: 2005-12-16
I was fortunate to catch this documentary at the Palestinian Film Festival held at Georgia Tech, where I study. Watching this has had a significant impact in the way I look at the world, especially in my own life. It has brought about much inspiration, beyond words can describe. If there's any way that I can get hold of this documentary on DVD or other format for me to keep, please do let me know. You may contact me at

Thank you.
sent by: Walid Neaz  from: USA at: 2005-12-09
I am trying to educate the American public about the terrible conditions of the occupation. How can I get a copy of this film? my e-mail address is
kylekords1983@yahoo. com

In peace,

Kyle Kordsmeier
sent by: Kyle Kordsmeier  from: US at: 2005-11-06
sent by: خعسسضكض  from: سضمé at: 2005-11-02
Arna's Children is a unique film, describes the reality of the Palestinian brothers, and how there life became a "theatre". God bless you guys
sent by: Hanna Horany  from: Eilaboun at: 2005-09-04
To Spartak and Jule I send my best wishes. It is really a great and commendable work to have Arna's memory immortalized. She deserves that and more. Your work is of great importance to the cause of peace.
I wish I could see the movie or even buy it.

Best Regards
Dr. Hani Sabbagh

PS. Moshe Ben-Hod is another deplorable militant. His remark is valueless and should be removed from the web.
sent by:  from: USA at: 2005-07-23
i heard about the film from my friends i would like to buy a copy if you can please contact me
sent by: khulod nijem  from: palestine at: 2005-07-21
I did not intend to respond until I saw the first comment from a "rabbi". Arna Mer, who I had the honor to know and work with, upheld the most sacred and beautiful parts of the Jewish faith: she loved the orphan, the widow and the 'stranger'; she treated others as she would have wanted to be treated herself; she respected all human beings and did not stand in judgement of others; she shared whatever she had with the less fortunate;she put human lives and human dignity at the top of her priorities.

If for her love and passion she would be prohibited from marrying a Cohen by a bigoted and archaic religious establishment, I'm sure it was a "penalty" that she bore gladly.
sent by: Rayna Moss  from: Israel at: 2005-07-20
According to the Jewish Halacha, Miss Arna is considered to be a prostitute (Zona in Hebrew) for having lived with a goy.
She cannot marry a Kohen and is considered to have committed one of the worst sins in Judaism.
sent by: Rabbi Moshe Ben-Hod  from: Israel at: 2005-07-20
i saw this film in the cinema in ramallah in july 04, it has to be one of the most moving films i have ever seen, i recommend anyone to watch it, a thought provoking piece of work, and has stayed with me ever since

sent by: michael hodges  from: united kingdom at: 2005-07-20
I am on the board of the Miami Beach Cinemateque. I've wanted to screen "Arna's Children" for a long time. I would love to buy three copies, one for the Cinemateque, one for a Palestinian-Jewish dialogue group in California, and one for a dialogue group in New York City. To make things a bit complicated, I'm having medical tests this month at UCLA. IF I can purchase three DVD's you have my promise that they will be shown at the above places. My current address is: Wendy Orange
c/o Casa Del Mar
1910 Ocean Way
Santa Monica, CA
phone: 310-561-5533

I am a good friend of Rina Castelnuovo of the New York Times who highly recommended this film. I am the author of "Coming Home to Jerusalem, which was mostly about cross-cultural dialogue in Nablus and Beit Sahur. Thanks for your consideration. Happy to give you my credit card and mailing expenses, aka: my Fed Ex number is you can use that. thanks, wendy18orange
sent by:  from: United States at: 2005-07-20
سبق وشاهدت الفيلم .. معبر جدا ...يصف المأساة الفلسطينية بشكل مميز ..مشكورون من انجزوا الفيلم
sent by: Fadwa  from: Jalil at: 2005-07-01
this film shows the reality of life under occupation.i received my copy of the movie a few weeks ago and I still can't stop thinking about the kids and what happened to is truly an eye opener that showed me that palestinians who commit suicide attacks and fight against the occupation are not crazy religious fanatics,but real people who are in a living hell and see no other way out.bravo to juliano for making such a great film.
sent by: ebony  from: america at: 2005-06-10
I pray every day for peace for the palestinian people
and for justice.
I have seen the picture of Arna's children and wish that the young generation will get a better life in a country without fear.
God bless you.
sent by: jenneke meyer viol  from: belgium at: 2005-06-03
Hi I am interested in seeing this film. Is it due to be screened in the northeast of England at all? Is it possible to buy this on video or DVD - I have had no luck finding it for sale. BEst wishes, Kathryn
sent by: Kathryn Wilkinson  from: UK at: 2005-06-01
this film shows the reality not what the media creates for us. I feel vey strongly for the palestinians whose lives are being harmed everyday due to criminal and unjust acts by the israeli government and its regime!
sent by: lizzy miller-jones  from: england at: 2005-05-26
This film was an excellent eye-opener and deeply emotional.The cinema was quiet after the film was shown. I think that Arna and Juliano are an inspiration to us all.
sent by: rabia  from: Bham,ENGLAND at: 2005-05-04
Just seen the film -last night at the opening of the London Palestine Film Festival 2005. Completely amazed - one can read as many books or watch as much news as they can, however, it is only face to face contact which can reveal the truth depths of human despair. This film did that.

I, like others would love to purchase a copy on DVD. Please inform me when it becomes available -
sent by:  from: UK at: 2005-04-23
I am already on the list of people to contact when Arna's Children becomes available on DVD. Currently, I am struggling with an article on Tali Fahima, for an international magazine. Can this message get to Juliano? I would like to exchange some thoughts with him.
sent by: miriam/mariam  from: u.s.a. at: 2005-04-04
this is one of the best movies i have ever seen. It really touched me !!! a great movie!
sent by: hans  from: germany at: 2005-03-25
This is by far the most moving film I've seen. I, like many, was left speechless.
sent by: Tamara  from: USA at: 2005-03-23
Will this movie be screened in France?
sent by: MR  from: France at: 2005-02-14
I would like to buy the movie on DVD and I can´t find any information how to get it.I really care about it.Reply, please.Thank you.Anna,My
sent by: Anna  from: Prague(Czech republic) at: 2005-01-31
thank you for you great jobe you did a fabulous jobe..but the thing that i didnt see the movie and i dont think we have it here in canada
so maybe you can help.
sent by: nemon selina  from: toronto-canada at: 2005-01-26
this is great .and you are all have done a great jobe .
sent by: alberta  from: ottawa- canada at: 2005-01-26
hey maybe
sent by: Anonymous  from: at: 2005-01-26
this is sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
sent by: Anonymous  from: at: 2005-01-26
sent by: jh  from: djhsfd at: 2005-01-26
i just want to say
that you'v done a fabulous job its really great to show the world the real life of the palestinian Community
specially when we hear that it was made by zionest person.
thanx you are all great...
thnks you are all great ....god plus
sent by: younis mamdoh  from: ottawa -canada at: 2005-01-26
I would like to buy the movie 'Arna's Children'. How do I do that?

Please contact
sent by: Hilde Granaas Kjoestvedt  from: Palestine at: 2005-01-17
I finally received a copy of this and it is fabulous- the only problem is the copyright because I do not own this movie (I am renting it) and I need it for two more months or else I cannot use it in my project.

Any ideas?
sent by: Cheyney  from: America at: 2004-12-28
Many thanks to you, and to your team for this fabulous work "Arna's Children".
I've watched it at the International Film Festival here in Melbourne few weeks ago, it is really unique in the way it connects you to the real people. Well done, and keep up the good work.
sent by: Mohammad Hajhusein  from: Australia at: 2004-11-24
i would like to purchase this film and i cant find it anywhere..can u please help me.. i would greatly appreciate it
sent by: anita gandy  from: germany at: 2004-11-16
Please send me info on how to get the film. Is there a number I can call to purchase this outstanding and courageous work.
sent by:  from: usa at: 2004-10-29
Yesterday evening was very sad for us. I and two friends watched the film and when it finished we couldnt say nothing, but crying. The horror palestinian live in is something that we, from our accomodations, cant feel it. Thanks a lot for this effort to broadcast the situation they have to face everyday.
sent by: Guillermo Ramos Ruiz  from: Spain (Madrid) at: 2004-10-21
I have seen the film before but yesterday i have seen it again when Juliano was here in London. I was so moved and sometimes cried. The film is great even if it is still possible to be exploited by Israel. I am also felt connected to Arna and felt I love her. I feel so great when some Israelis do such a work defending Palestinians who lost every sign of future because of the selfishness and brutality of Zionism and Israelis who constructed thier "homeland" on the destruction of millions of Palestinans. I cannot imagine how they are living and surviving!!! even i am against suicide bombing totally but the despair around them is a killer. I am proud of your humanity Juliano as it is difficult to find it in our time...
Lots of Love, Ghias
sent by: Ghias Aljundi  from: United Kingdom at: 2004-10-20
I saw this film at Cauis college music room Cambridge and have NEVER been so moved and cried at the horrors these people are suffering. I cannot understand why this is not on TV and why our politicians support the actions of Sharon and his vile government ..I feel so frustrated and helpless.. May one day soon justice will prevail..
sent by:  from: england at: 2004-10-20
I watched 'Arna's Chilren' yesterday (19/10/10) in the Khalili at SOAS, London. The message, apart from Arna's revelatory intentions in encouraging the children in theatre and the arts, was not new. It reminds us all that we cannot rest until basic human rights, way of life, and most of all, dignity is fully restored to the Palestinian peoples who wish to live without cruelty or any other form of oppression. 'Arna's Children' means much to me, but more for those still dealing with occupation in Palestine. The pleasures and pains of those children are immeasurable. Thank you Arna. Thank you Juliano. And just to clarify, no Juliano, I am not a spy in a follow-up to my question to you on what you thought of suicide bombers!
sent by: Sara Muftah Elgaddari  from: UK at: 2004-10-20
I watched 'Arna's Chilren' yesterday (19/10/10) in the Khalili at SOAS, London. The message, apart from Arna's revelatory intentions in encouraging the children in theatre and the arts, was not new. It reminds us all that we cannot rest until basic human rights, way of life, and most of all, dignity is fully restored to the Palestinian peoples who wish to live without cruelty or any other form of oppression. 'Arna's Children' means much to me, but more for those still dealing with occupation in Palestine. The pleasures and pains of those children are immeasurable. Thank you Arna. Thank you Juliano. And just to clarify, no Juliano, I am not a spy in a follow-up to my question to you on what you thought of suicide bombers!
sent by: Sara Muftah Elgaddari  from: UK at: 2004-10-20
I watched 'Arna's Chilren' yesterday (19/10/10) in the Khalili at SOAS, London. The message, apart from Arna's revelatory intentions in encouraging the children in theatre and the arts, was not new. It reminds us all that we cannot rest until basic human rights, way of life, and most of all, dignity is fully restored to the Palestinian peoples who wish to live without cruelty or any other form of oppression. 'Arna's Children' means much to me, but more for those still dealing with occupation in Palestine. The pleasures and pains of those children are immeasurable. Thank you Arna. Thank you Juliano.
sent by: Sara Muftah Elgaddari  from: UK at: 2004-10-20
I saw the movie some hours ago and my mind is still going through most of the moving things it was full of.
I would like to know how to get a copy because I think it gives a clear and objective idea about what is behind suicide bombers.I think it would be useful to show it to all those who believe that it is just a question of "brainwashing". That's why it would be interesteing to bring a copy back to Italy where it won't be probably easy to find one.
And also, thank you all for the great "work" you did!
sent by: Silvia  from: Italy at: 2004-10-19
Attention all Arna's Children information seekers! Please direct your browser to, the Official Arna's Children Site serving North America with DVD information, community blog, public forums, activist links, reviews, press, movie clips and lots more to help spread the news about this movie and more importantly, to get YOU involved with the fight for peace within Israel-Palestine. Hope to see you there!
sent by: Steve  from: U.S.A. at: 2004-10-18
I saw the ABC program nightline yesterday and I was moved by the stories. How do I get the video? Please let me know. My e-mail is

sent by: miky  from: U.S at: 2004-10-16
this is a realy sad story. i just saw it last night at abc night line. i love the guys in the movie they are the ones who are making the map of palistine. i think the got more than what they wanted. they died for thier country. i would like if you guys help me out to get the movie ill be realy glad. my e-mail is
sent by: kaldon alqam  from: USA at: 2004-10-16
Please please tell me how to get a copy of this documentary, I would like to use bits of it in my report for school on propaganda and war using children. I think it will be a great asset to my project!!
sent by: Cheyney  from: America at: 2004-10-16
ana bas shofet la2atat men alfelem ya3ne 3ala almaoke3 bas 7abet ashouf alfelem bekamlo lano e7na ra7 net7ada alyahod tanosal llrebe7 ana ba7eb kteer al3arab lano hada sha3be obde adalne wa2fe ma3 sha3be bde adalne adafe3 3an watane falasten al3arab
anose men 3abalen
almokoema lesha3beha
sent by: anose  from: 3arab 48 falasten at: 2004-10-13
i like this film ... and i hope to get a version of this film.. cuz i love allaa , mahmod , yousef ..... all of this guys.. the palestinians guys.
plz joliano tell me how to get a copy of the best film in my eyes ....
sent by: dodo  from: palestin..the mother of the world at: 2004-10-10
I had the chance to see the movie (which I didnt hear about before!) in Quad Cinema in East Village (NYC) just 2 days ago. MY wife and myself were speechless! I decided that all the sadness and grief I felt after the movie is a sufficient motive for me to educate the people around me (friends,family members, collegues at school,random people I talk to on a daily basis) and engage them in a serious talk about what's happening in Palestine . I truly believe that the circle of knowledge and awareness will grow eventually (if we all do that) to the point where the world will not anymore blind and speechless about the state terror practiced by the appartheid regime of Israel. I think that any decent person who watches this movie can't but feel morally responsible to alleviate the pain and the suffering of the palestinians. Educate yourselves, educate the people around you and don't refrain from speaking up. It takes time to effect such a change, but it is doable and feasible! Thank you Juliano for this amazing documentary.

May God bless your mother's spirit for the outstanding example she set for the lovers of freedom and justice in the world.
sent by: True Believer  from: USA at: 2004-10-10
Any idea where I might obtain the movie poster for "Arna's Children"? Please e-mail with information if available.
sent by: Saul Chapman  from: U.S.A. at: 2004-10-09
2 viewers comments:
can u writ in eng.
because i dodn't understand your words
sent by: sombody  from: israel at: 2004-10-08
J'ai vu ce film sur ARTE en France, et je doit dire q’on n’en sort pas indemne et qu'il n’a pas besoin de commentaire.
Merci Arna pour ta leçon d'humanité et d’amour en cette période Moyenne-Ageuse.
Et un grand merci à ton fils qui a su capter et montrer ton petit rayon de soleil juif sur le ciel très sombre des enfants palestiniens de Genine, et par la même sur le drame palestinien.
Bravo et merci.
sent by: nouf  from: france at: 2004-10-04
الفلم معبر جداااااااا
انا حضرتو بمدرسة ما الياس -عبلين ولقيتو حلو كثير ومعبر
sent by: سندس  from: عرب الـ48-سخنين at: 2004-10-03
انا شاهدة الفيلم البارحة في كلية مار الياس...الفيلم معبر جدا
sent by: Anonymous  from: at: 2004-10-03
انا شاهدة الفيلم البارحة في كلية مار الياس...الفيلم معبر جدا
sent by: Anonymous  from: at: 2004-10-03
انا شاهدة الفلم اليوم في كلية مار الياس...الفيلم معبر جدا...
sent by: Anonymous  from: at: 2004-10-03
ana shahadet alfilm aliom fe koleyet mar aleias ya3ne ale bt3alam feha wlfelem beganen
sent by: jeryes  from: 3arab al 48 at: 2004-10-02
I was moved deeply and saddened by the movie, I thought it was amazing and important, and still think about it. as an Israely (and a former soldier in the west bank) I often think about the tragedy we live in and want to shout to both sides to stop this madness. your film helps deliever the tragedy in the situation, and that hope for peace is dying and must be re-kindeled. I think people whi criticise this movie in Israel and in Arab states are hypocretes and delusional. I would love to buy a copy of the movie but I think it should be free so as mant people as possible can see it.
sent by: Lior  from: Israel at: 2004-09-12
I recently visited Palestine and stayed at Birzeit University with 35 internationals on a work camp there, we all watched the film in Ramallah, I was totally speechless after as was many if not all of us, and many many tears flowed, I was wondering, can I purchase this film?
sent by: Michael  from: U.K. at: 2004-08-28
I would very much like to be able to show this film in Detroit, Michigan. Can copies be bought?
Thank you for any help you can provide.
In Solidarity,
Tom Abowd
sent by: Professor Thomas Abowd  from: USA at: 2004-08-21
I was living in Israel and Palestine when Arma Mer died, and wrote an article about her life. Now, I'm forced to be in the US of A, and am living in South Beach, most of the time, which is part of Miami beach. I'm on the Board of the Miami Beach Cinemateque a pretty radical bunch. We have monthly films on the Occupation, and packed houses. IF i can buy this for mbcimema, you can let the Director, Dana Keith know IF and WHEN it's due to arrive. And he'll give you the address. His email (I'm paying) is Thanks for a great site and wow, that movie is going to be powerful. Thanks to Arna's son. Thanks to all you activists. PS, I lived and wrote from West Bank and Gaza, and from Israel too. Even though I was born Jewish I believe, no, I KNOW the 'situation' after ten years, and I KNOW everything in all media is scewered, they fllow the money; we follow our conscience and our hearts. all love saalam, WO
sent by: Wendy Orange  from: USA at: 2004-08-17
I wish that more people good get a view of the Palestinian reality. I am grateful that your film was shown here. But I know that if the Canadian Broadcasting Centre did not show it, it would likely never be shown here, since the Asper family, who control much printed and broadcast information, are openly Zionist and anti-Palestinian. Thank you and the CBC.
sent by: laith  from: Canada at: 2004-08-15
I saw this film recently in Ramallah and it was the most powerful and moving experience I had during my brief stay in the West Bank. Is it possible to get hold of the film, on video or DVD?
sent by: Guy Shennan  from: UK at: 2004-08-13
i would like to buy a copy of your decomentary
sent by:  from: jerusalem, palestine at: 2004-08-09
The most insightful, factual, thought provoking and ultimnately, tragic film that I have seen.It doesn't politicise, take sides or force ideas down viewers throats. It lets the camera roll, taking us into a world that we would never otherwise understand...and allows us to make up our own minds. Thankyou for allowing those dead heroes to rest in peace and for ensuring that their lives weren't lived in vain.
sent by: Rod  from: Australia at: 2004-08-01

your documentary was one of the best I've ever seen. I developed an intense
feeling of connection with Yussef,Ashraf,and Alla. I don't think a documentary has ever shaked me like yours. Please don't stop your work the reward goes beyond the DUNIYA.
sent by: DR FTBLLR365  from: canada at: 2004-07-04
I have not yet seen the film, however I saw the houses that Arna built for the children of Jenin in the various neighborhoods and I had the extreme honor to attend one of the plays that Juliano directed performed by the children of Jenin, in Jenin. I have no doubts that this film is very powerful! I am very interested in acquiring a copy of it in DVD or VHS format. I live in San Jose, CA, USA. The play I saw was powerfully performed by the children of Jenin, even though I do not understand Arabic I was very moved by their performances.

Thank you Juliano and everyone else who worked on making this film. Please contact me: Donna Wallach
sent by:  from: U.S.A. at: 2004-06-22
تقبل مني فائق الشكر والموده
فيلم رائع, يبين الحقيقه كامله على بشاعتها
والمزيد من العطاء
sent by: عريب عوض  from: فلسطين at: 2004-06-19
i would like to see the movie, but i don´t know how can i downloud it,could somebody tell me where can i find it?
my e-mail is
sent by: edith  from: spain at: 2004-06-15
Hello Juliano

Just saw the film today...very special! The magic that all mothers possess is often difficult to give justice too.. I think in you and all her children she would have been proud..
Jenin has special memories for me also, having spent time there campaigning with ISM. I wonder how I could order a DVD of the Film? We have just started a fair Trade Olive oil company called which has been very popular in the UK with both Jewish, Muslims and Christian groups alike. In fact the amount of solidarity and support has so far been over whelming and I would like to be able to show people the film if possible when we do our talks. Please have a look at the website if you get the chance..
Thank you
Peace and Trust
sent by: Atif  from: uk at: 2004-06-06
Silence. A heavy and almost suffocating silence filled our living room after the movie was over and the names of Arna's children came on the screen. None of my family members said a word. My mother and sisters were crying and i had to run to the balcony and get some fresh air. As an Israeli of Iraqi/Yemeni orign, i always got along with Palestinians some of whom are my closest friends. So for me, i wasn't ignorant about Arabs or the plight of the falastinim, but the movie just gripped my heart until i couldn't breath. As a Jew, i couldn't accept the way Palestinians were and continue to be treated. As an Israeli i couldn't reconcile that with the supposed democratic values we were taught. As an Arab also, i felt humilited everytime a fellow Palestinian Arab was humiliated. I just want to thank Arna(may g-d bless her soul)for filling the tragic lives of these children with light, joy and hope, no matter how brief it was. I would like to thank Juliano for making this wonderful film and keeping the memory and legacy of his great mother alive.
اود أن أشكر جوليانو من صميم قلبي لاتخاذ هذا العمل والجهد المشكور والمبارك. أتمنى أن يفتح هذا الفلم أعين العمي وآذان الصم وألسنة البكم.Salam we Shalom
sent by: Leila Dayan Darwish  from: at: 2004-06-03
Hi Juliano,
I would like to congratulate you and Danniel on that EXCELLENT documentary.It was most impressive and emotionally moving.I bet it brought back afew memories for alot of people,Well done!I'm so glad that u managed to get something like this on t.v,There are alot of people that are clueless and need to be EDUCATED about the suffering of the palestinians ! Once again,Well done and thank you.xx
sent by: Shadia Khamis Mansour  from: LONDON,ENGLAND at: 2004-05-28
Your movie was the most wonderful and moving documentary i have ever seen please let me know how to get a copy of this movie.
sent by: Rabia  from: canada at: 2004-05-25
I saw the film last week at the Kasabah. I thank you for this piece of art. The film is moving and brings home the bitter reality we live. May it be one step toward ending this occupation and bringing Israelis and Palestinians together, really together.
sent by: Sam  from: Rammala at: 2004-05-25
I was deeply affected by your movie. Thank you so much for your effort in producing such an excellent movie. I believe that this type of work is very important and will definitely help the world to get a true picture of what's going on. THank you!
PLease let me know how I can purchase a copy of the movie.
Please email me at:
sent by: May Siksik  from: Vancouver, Canada at: 2004-05-25
Last night I watched Arna's Children on CBC television, part of their The Passionate Eye documentary series, I was profoundly moved by the story and the fate of the children Arna so lovingly taught.
I hope that those in ignorance of the lives lived and lost in Jenin, Rafah, and elsewhere, will learn to open their eyes to the crime that has been perpetrated upon this proud and invincible people.
sent by: Diana Marie  from: Canada at: 2004-05-22
شكرا لجوليانو على هذا الفيلم المدؤثر فرغم المشاهد التي نراها في وسائل الاعلام يوميا فلم يكن لها ذاك الاثر كهذا الفيلم لانه يجسد مشاهد حقيقية خالية من اية رقابة وحذف .... ورغم ما يمر علينا في هذه الاوقات العصيبة شعرنا ان الانسانية ما زالت متواجدة بين الناس كامثال ارنا العظيمة , فيا ايها الشعب المقاوم الى الامام سر وافدي بروحك من اجل وطنك!!!!!!!
sent by: RORO  from: ISRAEL_shafa-amr at: 2004-05-22
هذا فيلم رائع فتح عيناي على هذا الواقع الاليم
sent by: Y  from: FALASTEN_SHAFA-AMR at: 2004-05-22
Thank you for showing what the Palestian life is all about. To those who consider suicide bombers "terrorists", I now hope that you have a better idea as to why such actions are performed. When a young child sees such violence throughout his/her life followed by constant invasion from an outside source, they will try to protect themselves by any means neccessary. A great film that will without a doubt go down in history as the film that opened the world's eyes. Please let me know how I can obtain a copy.
sent by: Arsham hassannia  from: Toronto, Canada at: 2004-05-22
Excellent work. I'm very glad to know that such good people such as yourselves still exist today. Is there any way that I can purchase a copy of it?
sent by: Asim  from: Canada at: 2004-05-21
I sit here with my heart still pounding in my chest. I have never been so moved by a film.
sent by: David  from: Canada at: 2004-05-21
May God bless you and your beloved mother's soul... You are lucky to have known such a courageous, kind and loving human being.
sent by: Joseph  from: Canada at: 2004-05-21
I saw your documentary on tv it was very moving.I am grateful to you for making a documentary that shows the other side. It is evident from the media that the Palestinian people do not get their voices or stories across to the rest of the world; your documentary made this possible. Thank You
sent by: sadia  from: canada at: 2004-05-21
I saw the documentary last night on tv. Today, I spent all day thinking about your mother and those charming kids. If only we could do something to stop the madness of the politicians.
sent by: Fernande  from: canada at: 2004-05-17
This was a very moving documentary. I would love to know if I could purchase a copy? Either VHS or DVD? Please email me at

Thank you
sent by: Liz  from: Canada at: 2004-05-17
that is the best documantary film i have ever seen, iam speechless.
i just want to know, how to get a copy of this film.
sent by: Hamed  from: Canada at: 2004-05-17
Dear Juliano
I am the ex secretary of Ramot Menashe and friend of Arna,I am abroad and hear about the film....and only to say that I am very Happy that Arna´s memory stay giving light in the darkness.
sent by: Celso Garbarz  from: at: 2004-05-13
As a Palestinian, I'm very proud of such an excellent work. Keep up the good work.

How can I get a copy of this movie?
sent by: Suhair burbar  from: USA at: 2004-05-10
Thank you for making such a wonderful film about human beings, both Israelis and Palestinians. Your film reaches into the depth of our hearts to find the buried gem within each of us that affirms peace and justice. You are very courageous and your mother is the ideal of what a mother can be for all children. She was admirable!
sent by: Hanan Watson  from: USA at: 2004-05-09
I like to have a copy of this film for private viewing. Is it available on video or DVD? Please email me at

Thank you
sent by: Amir Hemmat  from: USA at: 2004-05-08
How can I get a copy of this film.
sent by:  from: USA at: 2004-05-06
A devastating film and one with electrifying political implications. This project has been carefully crafted from a truly heartbreaking intimacy and tenderness for its subjects. It is a remarkable, profound testament both to the fragility of human heart and to its incredible strength in the face of outrageous violence. As an activist I have seen many powerful films that try to illuminate the Palestinian experience, but I have never before seen anything like this. The absolute commitment of the film’s creators to honoring the Palestinian struggle for liberation, even as they ask viewers to frankly confront the horror and tragedy this struggle encompasses, makes for an experience that is unusually profound, complex, overwhelming and … I hope… transformative.
sent by: Thomas  from: New York City at: 2004-05-04
Having just seen the film at the TriBeCa Film Festival (NYC)- It is the most encouraging statement towards tolerance I have seen. Living only three (3)blocks from the World Trade Center site. I can only have a simple, but humble undertanding of the concept of living & growing up dealing with such devistation. Thank you for educating us Juliano
sent by: Jay  from: USA_ New York - at: 2004-05-04
Congradulation for the new award for the film in. I hope that we can read some day that one of the Arab country can show it in one of their Semina.
sent by: Palestinian  from: Palestine at: 2004-04-27
I want to congratulate Juliano and the whole of the team of the movie for your excelent realisation.
You send me the motivation to make movies for help people and advertice what hapened in the world.
Grand Bravos!
Good look for the future!
sent by: Sebastian Michellod (Jury jeune public)  from: Swiss at: 2004-04-24
I saw the film on One World 2004 festival in Prague. I was very moved after screening (and still I am). I do not agree with terrorists at all, but now I can better understand their motives. The life of Palestinian people in Genin is very, very hard. Do they have any possibility to live in other place/town or they must stay there? Can someone answer me? I am very interested in this problem. Thanks.
sent by:  from: Czech Republic at: 2004-04-23
Just came back from a screening. I can't say much. I don't want to say much. I want to shout.
I cried duting it, and I cried for Erna, and for the dead children. I cried for me, for my childhood dreams, for the blood that is everywhere, for the hope that we once had. I an those kids in Genin, and I am the soldiers. What do we do now?
sent by:  from: Israel at: 2004-04-17
I really think that your film is not only very good but also very important.
I am an independent filmmaker of feature films, in the South of South America.
As you know, all the tv news are always manipulated. I'm supposed to be a person with a critic point of view, pretty smart, having lived a lot of political bad situations. But, before having seen your film, I never understood the reality of the Palestinian people, in an emotional way.
sent by: Beatriz  from: Belgium at: 2004-04-09
we were in the screening of the film was great..sad and
sooooooooooo real..
we felt that we live with these people day by day..we loughed with
them..cried with them..felt the sorrow with them..and tried to learn from
them and also from u how and what is it to be "brave"..

I don't know if somebody can forget or erease the scene of "alla" at the
begining of the film and at the end of it..but what i can tel that i

The end of the film was a real trajidy..especially when "Alla" was
killed..and the screening was over and we began to see the names comming body moved from the seets..we were stucked like we were in a real
funeral..totally frustrated and shocked..

V. Good job Juliano..go on... hope to see new works..pleasent
ones..inshalla.. and Good Luck
sent by: Rana  from: Ittijah at: 2004-04-08
Hello, first of all thank you, knowing that there are such people as arna,…and all the people who worked in this film, makes me (personally)feel that having a healthy relationship with Israeli’s is possible and near maybe now is the time for it… why wait until leaders thinks it’s ok for us to talk… to start the talking a word…an arna ….i have Israeli friends but in the film ,it was much more than what I have…souls danced on the poor stage in the far theater , I like to believe they meet there still…think of a way to get the sun to come to the palace.mayby they found it…
Extremists on the two sides of both sides of our long story didn’t leave a space for anything to be left to build-up slowly…trust..I saw ,that I didn’t imagine I can , the sun did come to the palace through holes in the walls the sun came when the place was destroyed , it was an empty palace...with walls of sheet’s…posters here and there …faces…,telling the last chapter of the story...they all died left inherited us a lot of questions. the film was like a ray of light…
I think this film should be screened everywhere on …let’s call it here…time for the people to take place, not soldiers who are looking for little personal victories…you will harvest hate when you plant it…arna and her children is your harvest when you plant your soul…the wall we have now is just stones ,the wall is in our heads ,the palace is in our hearts…the sun is everyday that passes above our roofs while we wait for a miracle to happen, we are the miracle …all we have to do is to see the sun, it is there all the time…I know people who went there…
Thank you again, for the film, for the story, for the hope….waiting for you in Ramallah
sent by: RAMALLAWee  from: RAMALLAH at: 2004-04-06
Dear Juliano, Danniel, Esther etc,

Last weekend ARNA'S CHILDREN has been screened in Finland at the VERA Film Festival in Åland/Mariehamn ( and was awarded the Audience Award (see attachment: it will be sent to Amsterdam, who wants to keep it?). The film will be screened in te forthcoming months in:

PRAGUE (One World Festival, April 15-22); NYON (Visions du Réel, April 19-25); TORONTO (HotDocs, April 23-May 2); INPUT Barcelona (May 23-28); many other festivals have requested a preview tape.
sent by: Matthijs  from: Amsterdam at: 2004-04-05
How can I watch this film
sent by:  from: Canada at: 2004-04-04
would like to buy a copy of this extraordinary woman's life. she is a light and inspiration. thank you for sharing with the world.
peace, dorinda moreno
sent by: dorinda moreno  from: united states at: 2004-03-30
Beautiful site for a beautiful person! Thank you.
(I had the honor of being detained with Arna by the Afula police, in 1987 during our first Megido Junction Women in Black vigil against the occupation.)

All the best,


Encounter-EMEM for international Israel-Palestine peace activities
sent by: Tamar Yaron   from: Israel at: 2004-03-16
Hi Friends,
Yesterday we watched at the cinema take of Nazareth the prim presentation of the film"arna's children" Written and directed by Joliano mer khamis the son of arna and saleeba khamis. It is one of the best ducomentary films which were ever done about the Palestinian Israel conflict ( my opinion), people in Nazareth were shocked and people in Tel Aviv were crying after watching the film.
The film tells about the children of the Jeneen refugee camp, and how they grow up in the theater which arna and Joliano built for them with the hope to achieve good future, but these children ended after loosing the hope as fighters which mostly fall as "shohada" Myrturer in the last invasion of Jeneen, when they were defending the camp, and two of them were killed in a suicide operation in Tel Aviv. Very touchy story and very good point of view, Jews in Tel-Aviv and Haifa were crying because of the death of these jung people thy normally called "Terrorist"...
Every body should watch this film it is an obligation.
sent by: ALI  from: NAZARET at: 2004-03-10
i want to send my regard to Juliano Mer khamis about this film.i'm also from awlad Arna, but in another area in East jenin city not in refugee camp but I was in the theater in refugee camp in that time I love Arna for ever, she was really Patriot and we will not forget her, for me I finished my studying school in jenin in 1999 and I continued my studying in Birezeit University, now I finshed my study and I work in Ramalla and I’m waiting to attend the film in Alqusaba theater, thanks to all and I appreciate your efforts . my eamail
sent by: Mohammed  from: palestine/jenin city at: 2004-03-07
I saw Arna's children at the Palestinian Film Festival. I felt like the others seem to feel in the audience: unable to leave our seats long after the film was finished. I carried it around in me for days. Such a love for life, such wit, such passion and pride cannot cannot carry on being crushed with such brutality. Thank you for a truly wonderful film.
sent by: A.P  from: UK at: 2004-03-05
Heartbreaking, utterly heartbreaking. I have never been so moved by a film. I thank everyone for their work, their courage, their resilience and their dedication.
sent by: Georgina Reeves  from: Palestine/UK at: 2004-03-03
Propaganda would rather see a person with tears than a person with a bleeding heart. A bleeding heart never believes anything but the truth. And truth is never revealed when there's bias.
sent by: FS  from: Canada at: 2004-02-25
The film was broadcasted on tv last night. I was so deeply moved by the destroyed lives and dreams that I couldn't sleep. I keep seeing the faces of those promising children whose lives were destroyed even before they were born. This is not the way children should grow up. When will people learn?
sent by: Daphne Agterberg  from: Belgium at: 2004-02-05
sent by: Arjan El Fassed  from: The Netherlands at: 2003-12-15
This is the first time in my life in which I saw different Palestinians than the way they are presented on our t.v screens.Either they are terrorists or poor suffering creatures."Arna's children" shows diferent Palestinians,
proud,not pitiful,people who choose to fight for thir liberty.For the first time I could see
a suicide bomer in his childhood and hear him speaking about love and freedom.Charming littel boy who becomes a suicide bomer . Why? The film gives the answer.I cried while watching his story.Even when you see him dead on the streets of Israel after killing Israelis you still feel for him.This film is the answer to the Israeli and American propaganda.
sent by: Michel  from: Netherlands at: 2003-12-12
I saw the documentary yesterday on television and was very much impressed. It makes you wonder why so many people don't see that the policy of sharon cannot lead to a better future for Jews and Palestinians. But I expect that Palestinians have to come from far if their common enemy would be gone. The enemy is a uniting factor. It is of course much easier to destroy than to built.
It is a good thing films like these can be made. It is fruit of the Israeli democracy. I wonder if this films is shown on Israeli television as well.
sent by: Maarten Smit  from: Netherlands at: 2003-12-12
Though I haven't seen the film yet, and I'm dying to see it... there is an excellent review about it on Electronic Intifada:
sent by: Haithem El-Zabri  from: USA at: 2003-12-12
sent by: klara  from: Dutch at: 2003-12-08
sent by: PETER  from: HOLAND at: 2003-11-30
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