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    Psion ROM extractor
    Small utility that allows extracting a ROM image from a Psion machine to a file. It works in Psion Series 5mx and Psion Revo/RevoPlus. Possibly also in NetBook and NetPad, although it has not been tested in those machines.

    In the case of extracting the ROM from a Psion 5mx, the extracted file can be used as ROM image file for a Psion 5mxPro.

    In order to extract the ROM image to a file you only have to press the button 'Save ROM' and select the destination filename. According the ROM is saved, the progress is shown in the PsiROMx main screen.

    The button 'Advanc. options' allows to choose the position and size of the ROM, although this information is detected automatically by PsiROMx and I recommend not to change it.

    Due to his great size (10 - 16 Mb) it is recommended to save the ROM image in a CompactFlash card.

    Status: First public release

    License Agreement Download
    Although PsiROM is a free program, if you consider that it is useful for you and you want to contribute to its maintenance or to the development of new programs, you can make a donation.