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Here's Your Chance to Become Part of the Apple Historical Record!

Welcome to the Computer History Museum's Apple History Weblog. This site was created to capture your Apple experiences, anecdotes and stories about key events in Apple's history. The Museum's charter is to preserve and present for posterity, the artifacts and stories of the Information Age. Apple Computer played a major role in shaping the direction of technology in the late 20th century and future historians will want to hear from those of you who were actually there. If you are a student of history, you know that first-hand accounts are critical to the fundamental understanding of any event or historical time period. So what we need from you - the people who made Apple such a success - is your first-hand narratives in your own words.

What Type of Stories? In addition to the obvious - how technological innovations were developed, stories about major product launches, marketing "firsts," and about the unique culture of Apple. You can post a story about an event that happened in any year from 1976 through 1993, or to one of many specific topics. This is your chance to tell the world about all of the cool stuff that happened at Apple ... about the passion that made everything you did so great and so much fun ... about the unique people and events that made Apple different.

Guidelines for Recording Your Story We want narratives - not dialog.  This is NOT a chat room or a threaded discussion board. We are looking for short stories that have a beginning, middle and end. It would also help to include a timeframe with your story. While several people may add a story about the same timeframe, event or topic, each story will stand on its own. And, don't be surprised if some stories contradict one another - it happens all the time in historical records. 

The Rules Yes, we have a few. All story submissions will be reviewed by a volunteer Editorial Board prior to being posted to the weblog. The Editorial Board will not edit the stories for accuracy since the story reflects your perspective; however, before posting your story for all to read, stories will be edited for foul language, derogatory comments about specific people, gossip or anything else deemed inappropriate. This isn't the National Enquirer Historical Record and we want your children and grandmother to be comfortable reading your story or stories from your colleagues. 

Getting Started The first step is to join the weblog as a member so you can add stories.  Then browse through the timeline we have created and through the categories available for contributing stories. Then start writing. Read the About Box on the right for more background details.

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