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LDS Rhetoric on Homosexuality

See also:   Anti-Gay Actions Carried Out by the Church
The Proclamation on the Family

On World AIDS Day, LDS Leader Makes Statement

Does the Church Have a Single Standard?

The Text of the Proclamation on the Family

Tin Ears and Hard Love: A Personal Response to Elder Boyd K. Packer's "Ye Are the Temple of God"

Deseret Book Sells Insightful Guide   April 2005

LDS Couple Who Dubbed Homosexuality "Addiction" Come Out

Elder Ballard Connects Joseph Smith, the Proclamation on the Family

“In Quiet Desperation”: An Open Letter to Marilyn Matis

President Hinckley Makes More Offensive Comments about Gays

Déjà Vu: Two First Presidency Statements, 1969 and 2004

Mormon Leader Compares Gay Rights Movement to the Rise of Hitler

BYU Censors Gay-Related Story

At Christmas Devotional, LDS Leader Rails against Gays and Lesbians

Wendy and the Lost Girls

Deep Dark Sin, But Whose?

We See What We Believe: The Heterosexualization of Gay Men and Lesbians in the LDS Church

The Hidden Nazi Mentality in the Proclamation on the Family

Mormon Publication Continues to Demonize Homosexuality

"One Man to One Woman" Outraged 19th Century Mormons

Packer Fears 'Invasion' of Gays, Feminists, Scholars

Letter to Boyd Packer from a Former Bishop

Press Conference Statement by David and Carlie Hardy

Homosexuality No Longer an Abomination? LDS Leaders Change Pamphlet Language

Two Manuals: Two Steps Forward, One Big Step Back

Equal Treatment?

To Young Men Only

New Horizons for Homosexuals

Steps in Overcoming Masturbation

Available Homophobic Books and Pamphlets by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

An Interview with Elder Dallin H. Oaks on Homosexuality and AIDS

LDS Church Makes Progress?

Excerpt from an Interview--Mormon President Gordon B Hinckley on Same-Sex Marriage and Gays in the Church

Why We Do Some of the Things We Do

Literature Outdated, Inaccurate, 6 Church Members Contend

Parents of Gays & Lesbians Hold Press Conference in Salt Lake City

Quorum of Twelve Member Reveals Ignorance on Homosexuality

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