Warcraft II KPUD Home Page

Warcraft II KPUD Home Page

What are the KPUD's ...

The KPUD's (for Kali and Kahn PUD's) are a set of 'standard' PUD files to be used in multi-player games for internet play. Their purpose is to extend the set of available PUD's for internet Warcraft II players and make that set available for free to everyone. In order for this concept to be successful, many players must participate by using the KPUD's and spreading the word to all internet Warcraft II players.

The maps chosen to be KPUD's have gone through a rigorous process of evaluation and play testing. Several thousand multi-player PUD's were initially reviewed. From those, almost 200 were chosen for play testing and further evaluation. Based on the evaluations of the play testers, 74 maps were chosen to become KPUD's and were put through a final polishing. The resulting KPUD's all have fair starting postions and well thought out resource amounts, and provide a variety of scenarios to satisfy all tastes and skill levels.

Table of Contents ...

We encourage you to browse the whole KPUD site since it contains a lot of useful information, but if you have already done that, quick links to various topics are provided below.

KPUD History ...

12/16/96 Initial KPUD Home Page goes online
3/17/97 KPUD Clan created to facilitate play testing
3/23/97 World Warcraft II League adopts KPUD's as their official PUD set
6/29/97 The first 'official' KPUD map set is released
8/15/97 The Solid Gold Warcraft League adopts the KPUD's
11/30/97 The second 'official' KPUD map set is released

The KPUD Team ...

There have been many people involved with the KPUD project, from PUD selection to web page setup. If you would like to see who they are, be sure to visit the
KPUD Team Page.

Also on the KPUD Team Page is a list of the members of the KPUD Clan. The KPUD Clan is composed of players who helped choose the KPUD maps by participating in play testing and then providing feedback via evaluations.

KPUD Administrator: Bill Wright (aka MugWump) / billw@one.net

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