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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (GBA)
Publisher:  Ubisoft Developer:  Ubisoft Montreal
Genre:  Action Release Date:  03/23/2004
ESRB:  Teen More Info on this Game
By Steve Steinberg | March 24, 2004
This time, GBA owners won't have to wait for their chance to slink around as Sam Fisher, but the handheld version of the latest stealth classic may underwhelm you.
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Stealth gameplay is initially great; tons of cool moves; challenging mini-games. Hiding and waiting can get boring and repetitive; some unrealistic gameplay elements.

In the original Splinter Cell, Sam Fisher took care of business and came out victorious in all parts of the world. Well, almost. There was one place where the stealth hero ran into some trouble -- in the palm of your hand. While the GBA take on Splinter Cell was a solid game, it had its problems. With Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, Ubisoft is hoping that its taken care of those weaknesses and cranked out a game that's just as intense as its bigger console brothers.

The first handheld Cell showed just how deep a GBA game could be from a controls point-of-view. While you weren't able to pull off all of the moves that Sam was nailing in the console Cell's, you were doing a whole lot more than the traditional handheld action release's jumping, running, and attacking. Pandora Tomorrow cranks things up a notch further and gives gamers a title that blows the competition out of the water in terms of what you're actually able to get a centimeter tall little dude to do.

Sneak and strangle.
What's cool is that during the game, you'll need almost all of these actions. Jump up to grab an overhead pipe or wire. Raising your legs up will help you avoid detection while you slink over the enemy's head. Take out your foe by dropping on them, or by picking them off with a bullet from your overhead perch. You can also do some classic Cell-ing by sneaking up on an enemy -- your back pressed against the wall, of course -- and grabbing him from behind. New in Tomorrow is the ability to use your foes. Once you've grabbed them, drag them over to the retinal scan needed to open a locked door. Press their face into it to deactivate the security.

Not all of the moves have been improved. You still can only rappel downward. You're not able to climb back up your line if you've dropped a few feet further than you wanted. It was a drag last game and it's a drag again.

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