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LHA Compression

LHA was written by Dr. Haruyasu Yoshizaki and introduced in Japan in 1988. It was based on previous works, such as LZSS, and help from Professor Haruhiko Okumura of Matsusaka University.   LHA is the basis for the deflate algorithm and many current archivers are based on its source code.   Improvements to the LHA format are still underway. LH7 compression is the latest.

The default file extension of older LHA decompressors is .LZH.
Rename any .LHA files or specify the extension.

  Haruhiko Okumura -- LHA co-author  [Bilingual]
  Ozawa LHA Page -- good reference. [English]
  LHA directory -- at ftp.vector.co.jp
  LHA variants -- at ftp.win.ne.jp (LHasa, etc.)

Source Code

  LHA Disk Span Spec -- includes LHA header info
  Download LH113cs.lzh  (49K)   LHarc 1.13c source.
  Download LHa211s.zip  (58k)  [Japanese/English Version]
  Download lz_comp2.zip  (17K)   lzss, lzhuf, lzari samples. [C]
  Download lzhufe.zip   (19K)   LZHUF decoder. [Pascal]
  Download lzhuftp5.zip  (10K)   LZHUF compression. [TP5]
  Download AR002.zip   (25K)  Okumura LH5 archiver. [C]
  Download miniexe.lzh  (58K) Win32 LHA SFX [Delphi]


  Download LHA 2.13e  (44k)  [English Version]
  Download LHA 2.55e  (64k)   [English Version]
  Document LHA 255b.txt  (3K)  [English Version]

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  Network Mahjong International -- source code [Bilingual]


  MacLHA  Link to MacLHA_2.22.sea.hqx  [Japanese]


  LHA for OS/2 Official Support Home Page -- [Japanese]


  LHA for UNIX Version 1.15 -- Supports -lh7- format.
  Dolphin's LHA for UNIX   Tsugio Okamoto [Japanese]

Windows 16/32/NT/CE

  Micco's UnLHA32.DLL Page [English]
  Download ULHAD083.EXE   UnLHA for Win16 (132k)
  Micco's LHMelt Page [Japanese]
  Tascal Lha -- LHA for Windows CE [Japanese]
  LHS 1.18 for Win95 Official Page -- [Japanese]


  Programmers Page

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