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The People's Court UK

The People’s Court – where you tell your side of the story in your own words!

The People’s Court is our very own, people friendly ‘court’, specially built for TV. It’s a place you can come to have your dispute settled.

There are no legal bills, no lawyers – just you and the other party putting your story to the People’s Court Judge

And if you win your case, you will be awarded any compensation the People’s Court Judge believes you’re entitled to.

No dispute is too small for us to hear.

Maybe you lent a friend £50 on holiday and he still hasn’t paid it back and it’s really affected your relationship!

Maybe you’re chasing your ex-partner for 50% of the DVD collection you bought together – or she is hounding you to give her back the £300 watch, which you firmly believe she gave you as a gift?

Are you a small business with customers who won’t pay up even though you’ve completed the job?

The People’s Court is hosted by Carol Smillie and our two People’s Court ‘judges’ are Rhonda Anderson and Jerome Lynch.

Rhonda and Jerome are not judges in real life but they do have years of legal experience. Rhonda is a solicitor in Scotland and Jerome is a London QC. It’s their job to get to the heart of what the dispute is about – and they will make sure you get a fair hearing.

They’ve got huge personalities, a great sense of humour, and they’ll make the People’s Court a place where people will want to come and tell their story in their own words.

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