why does your life suck?

my life sucks because i lost all of my friends over a stupid fight so now i have 2 hang out with geeks

my life sucks because im spending new years alone

my grandmas getting surgery. shes 2 old 4 surgery. she may die

my science teacher assigned homework over winter break.

my life sucks because i know i will never be able to have my true love

i like nascar

My life sucks because, well my father is a drunken fool. I am 12, and he is constantly hurting my mother and I. Emotionally, and verbally. I don't think I can take what he does to us anymore. It is so pain staking knowing that my own father would take advantage over our family and continually use us. It just angers me knowing that he says he will stop when he does absolutely NOTHING at all. I have virtually no respect left for him, and it is very, VERY hard to say anything around the house without being yelled at, or getting argued with. He sneaks and lies, and i'm sick and tired of it.

My lifes sucks because I am a drunk addict.

because no one loves me

i don't even have a tangible problem like everyone else here, which makes it suck even worse. i just. hate. everything. it's uncontrollable.

I am married to a beautiful woman who doesn't like to make love, or to be touched when sleeping.

I'm finally with the love of my life and it's really much harder than I ever would have imagined being married.

my life sucks bcoz i'm so fat and lonely. my weight keeps me from doing what i like, it's like i can't really be myself. i'm pathetic, ashamed, embarrassed and angry.

ive been tooken advantage of when i was drunk. the guy i've been hooking up with for 3 months has been saying all this shit about me and ive totally broke things off. im starting to realize my best friend of 8+ years isnt really my friend and my life basically blows. I have no one && so im changing myself as of today.

guys are so fucking dumb.

i masturbate thinking about the girls I know and imagining them having lesbian sex or masturbating... it helps me more than porn---

For some reason everything always happens to me.. when I was younger, I was sexually abused by a man I didnt even know.I lived in a place where you could never walk alone.I liked to hang out, go to parties, and do alot of crazy stuff.After a while.. I didnt go to parties anymore without a friend there with me.I almost got raped bacause I was drinking, and wasnt thinking about what I was doing.But I was saved.By a guy that I didnt even know.. His name was Chris.He kicked the guys ass that tried to rape me.Then he walked over to me and smiled, took my hand, and led me to his car.He asked me where I lived, but I didnt know where I was.. I didnt even know how I got to the party in the first place.So, he took me to his house.He let me sleep in his bed, while he slept on the floor.I could never forget that day.I moved away shortly after that, and I didnt even get to say goodbye to him.About a month ago, I decided to go back to where I used to live to see if any of the people I used to know still lived there.A few people did. But I was mainly looking for him.I walked over to where he used to play guitar all the time, and there he was.. playing his guitar and singing a song about....me.All I could do was stand where I was and listen to him.I was about to walk over and then I saw him start to cry.Someone grabbed my arm from behind me and pulled me into the car.It was my sister.. She had said that I should stay away from here. I dont even know how she found me.All I could do was cry... cry because the only thing I could think about was him crying for me.Wishing I could just go back and be with him forever... But I hated the place.. The only thing that was worth staying for was him.. Now, his house has a sign in the front yard that says 'For Sale' on it.I just wish I could see him one last time........

I am a female in my mid 30's. I feel as if I never got enough freedom when I was younger living by mom's rules, so all I've ever been tryin' to do in life is be on my own and be successful/independant. I had a child at 19. My poor son had to grow up w/out a father (he's a dead beat). I had the greatest guy in the world shortly after, whom I had another child with. He's the greastest dad! But I cheated on him 3 years later and he left me. I had no place to go w/my children so I thought I'd let my kids stay with him and his mom temporarily til I got situated. I didn't want my chilren to suffer the consequences of MY mistake.That was 10 yrs. ago now. I'm always late to everything, which makes it hard to keep a job. I've been fired from most. Thanks to a high school "friend" I had,(while all this was happening), I now have a substance abuse problem. My family doesn't know about it. They wouldn't understand. I got tired of being broke, and not having a stable place to live, bouncing around, relying on people for help, so I am now an escort. Its not so bad. Its good money, and I have never been busted or anything so far (its been 3 yrs. knock on wood..) But I have been busted and gone to jail before, for drugs, and even domestic violence (for an unhealth relationship I got myself into a few yrs ago as well) I'm done w/all that now, but just 2 yrs. ago, I got busted for being under the influence. I was trying to help another friend out, and had it not been for that, I wouldn't of been at the wrong place at the wrong time! I was so angry at her. I left her behind. 2 months later she committed suicide. I was supposed to take care of some mandatory court things, but didn't. I have no car to get from here to there, because I have no liscence. I have no liscence because when I was young, dumb, and broke, I never saw the point. When I finally SAW the point,and made an appt. to take my "behind the wheel", dmv sent me a letter saying that they are going to suspend it due to child support for my youngest son I owe for. I can't pay child support, because I don't have a "real" job. I can't tell them what I do. I can't get a real job, because I can't account for the past 3 yrs. my new job's gonna wanna know about , before they hire me! So now I have a warrant pending. If I even get confronted with a cop for ANYTHING and they find out who I am, I'll be gone... for a while! I'll lose everything. All my property is in storage, because I was recently evicted from my apt. the apt. I was able to obtain, thanks to one of my kind clients. But he sold the complex, and I was always late w/my rent. (Late, but paid!) So now I'm back to square one. My present partner is unaware I'm still using. I love him very much, he's all I got. I would lose him. How do I get out of this mess?!!! I don't want to do what I'm doing anymore, but its my only means of survival at the moment.

I just got caught with pot by the cops, i'm a guy and i have a major crush on my best friend, and he's straight and i'm gay But I still can't tell my parents because they hate gays. I've always been made fun of. My best friend is really cute, and I can't even get him. I don't know what to do.

i suck at life. i am too nice to people && they take it wrongly. they try to get into relationships with me && i end up breaking their hearts. then they hate me for it. i am slowly losing a lot of good friends. argsg.

i need a lover in my life. i feel so alone;

my best friend ditched me for a chicken sandwhich... some "best friend".

i left my girl alone in the prom night

My mum and dad at at war with each other, i have an eye disease that menas i lost the sight in it, i play computer games far too much, i can't stop my brain from thinking, i am failing at school, i recently developed a heart problem, i am losing my grip on reality and invent weird alternate universes

my sis is a mess and i get blamed for it i im really picky with guys and i love this guy from where he works but he takes no notice of me i feel like i cant live without him am i dreaming? i feel like i have none this guy for ages. anyway im adopted and have a terrible life i hate it i hate going to councilers and im never going to one please help me i really need help and i think im fat and i no i am so please help me