Having first been introduced to the Toronto based band 5th Projekt by reading their biography, I must say I was a little thrown off. Their bio is seemingly pretentious and reads like a thesaurus of overly artistic and academic sentiment. They have described themselves as “pioneers of neo-classic romanticism” which at first I found misleading.

Photo credit: 5th PROJEKT

This term is used in the world of classical academia to describe certain movements in classical music and is used in no uncertain terms. Neo-classicism was a movement in the first half of the 20th century that aimed to incorporate the principles, forms and techniques of the late 18th century (think Mozart). And neo-romanticism was a return toward audience-pleasing, lush harmonies and the romantic ideals of the likes of Berlioz, Chopin and Liszt. This throw-back to the romantic era came about partly as a reaction to the German dodecaphonic approach to composition that was cerebral and thoroughly systematic. However all this wordiness in their bio did pique my curiosity. I was interested to see what sort of sound a band that describes themselves in colours and over the top linguistic charades would have. Besides, as we all know it’s all about the music anyway, right Jessica Simpson?! Oh, did I say that out loud?

The music actually speaks for itself and instantaneously draws you in. I was impressed by 5th Projekts thick and lush “orchestration” and distinctively poetic lyrics. I also loved the instrumental interludes and the flow of the album as a whole. It is titled The Tales of Don Quixote and is written in 5 parts.

Once upon a time...

In the days that were once days, a Darkness spread across the land of The Free. This force devastated like a plague amongst the remaining Three, compromising the balance to that of The Shadows. In a personal thirst for being, the beguiled populace swooned to the debauchery of their seduction.

Under false idealism, The Individual became buried beneath the refuse of an archetype gone awry. Bequeathed by tolerance, The Leaders also fell prey to the tsunami of delusion, obliterating hope amongst the steadfast. Foundations plunged beneath the mire of complaisance and apathy reigned as a religion. All relevance was lost amidst the flurry of a rabid fox hunt with a hidden agenda while the tides of the Okeanos rose in condemnation...

The equilibrium of the Great Shift slanted to awaken those of ancient lore and fabled mystik slumber. From the hoaried great halls of the four corners of time they emerged...

It is here where we begin a bard's tale of vigil epikos. One of truly cyclopean proportions and most excellent valour!

One...of mind, body & soul.

5th PROJEKT are the pioneers of Neo-Classical Romanticism, which can simply be described as cinematic. Their sonorous sound is comparatively unique, drawing upon a vast array of timeless influences with a sensitivity and sensibility towards melody in all of her (in)vocations.

Each distinctly dynamic compositional entity delves into the cathartic, empathetically a discovery unto itself. Evinced from the vitriolic atmosphere of "Oblivion" through to the ethereally enlightened "Resistance", the thematic structure of 5th PROJEKT's recently released EP, 'the Tales of Don Quixote' is an homage to a seemingly forgotten form of esotericism: the album. Liberated in the 5th year of the Age of Aquarius, tToDQ expands on the concepts and compositions of DEMOn001 & DEMOn002, embracing a creative departure from classic song arrangements. Released on their own label, Organik Rekords, 'the Tales of Don Quixote' is an enthralling introduction to the world of 5th PROJEKT.

Turning back the hands of time, the onset of 2003 harkened a precise synchronicity in events. The beginning of this monolithic undertaking was marked by a mystique introduced as 5th PROJEKT which was communicated immediately to three Toronto based friends/musicians. A gruelling 6 months of auditions commenced, not only in order to fill the envisioned sonic spectrum, but to compliment the lateral goals of this complex collective. Attracting the interest of many a talented artist from as far reaching as Germany, 5th PROJEKT finally found her voice;

Tara Rice (voice, 6 string guitars, words, keys & programming) prefers the colour purple. Nathan Kaye (acoustic & electronic percussion) reflects upon the richness of a dark blue that is so close to black but still green. Peter Broadley (5 string bass) enjoys green. Sk?dt D. McNalty esq. (6 & 7 string guitars, voice, words, keys & programming) is amicable to those within his spectrum.

Together, 5th PROJEKT effectively unite the metaphysical emphasis of imagination, the emotions and the mind with literature, visual arts and that which is the most fundamentally important celebration of our current culture: music.

The collective members of 5th PROJEKT share an unbridled passion for this art form, which has resulted in a recent invitation to the 2005 North by North East music showcase, a nod from Montreal's CJLO FM ranking DEMOn001 in their Top 10 EPs of 2004, and DEMOn001 charting at no. 25 on Toronto's CIUT FM in December of 2004. "Skepticosm" of DEMOn001 found it's way onto The Anti-Hit List, a very influential 'Alternate Top Ten' list compiled by music writer John Sakamoto. 5th PROJEKT was also featured on CBC Radio DJ Sook-Yin Lee's Definitely Not the Opera as independent artist of the week.

Currently, the eclectic quartet is hard at work with treatments for their first full length album due at the beginning of 2006. The Canadian independent ensemble is based in Toronto, Ontario.