The Restaurant Antoine

Posted on Thursday 13 October 2005

Daddy loved to eat really good food...Found this card with my father’s things. He went to New Orleans in, I think, early 1942, on his way to OCS. Most of his letters from the WWII era involve food. If Daddy had something good to eat, he was just fine. Stationed at Newport News, VA, he was a Lt., had something to do with loading Liberty Ships. Mother worked as a civilian for Army personnel, interviewing and hiring civilians for the shipyards.

He trained in Ithaca NY and the letters to Mom would describe, in great detail, how well he was being fed at the boarding house they were staying in. I’ll have to dig out the letters… remember him through them.

And then there’s THIS

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    12/4/2005 | 12:40 pm

    The THIS is really fun and addictive.

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