The Virtual Dial requires APPLET support for Java v1.1 or higher.

All fields take signed numbers, with optional decimals. After changing a field, move the text cursor out of the field (e.g. by pressing tab) to signal it to the dial. There is no sanity checking of input: bogus data might cause the dial to collapse.

Latitude of dial: degrees north of equator.

Longitude of dial: degrees west of Greenwich.

Azimuth of normal to dial plane: degrees east of North. This is 180° more than the declination of the dial west of South.

Reclination of dial: degrees: from 0 for vertical dial to 90 for horizontal dial.

Distance of nodus from dial plane: times width of panel.

Position of nodus relative to centre: Right:  Down:  times width of panel.

Artificial time-shift: days, and hours.

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