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"You cannot claim to worship Jesus in the Tabernacle, if you do not pity Jesus in the slums. . . It is folly -- it is madness -- to suppose that you can worship Jesus in the Sacraments and Jesus on the throne of glory, when you are sweating him in the souls and bodies of his children."

- - Bishop Frank Weston at the 1923 Anglo-Catholic Congress


AthanasiusTraditional Values
Brief quotations from the Fathers to the present -- a fresh look at a neglected tradition.

Conrad NoelThe Heritage
From "The Economics of Moses" through the "Subversive Orthodoxy" of the 21st Century -
Readings illustrating the rich heritage of Anglo-Catholic social witness.

DancersFriends and Companions
Reflections, homilies, and musings contributed by the webmaker and friends and supporters of these pages.

EucharistLiturgical Resources
Prayers for justice and peace; reflections on the liturgy by the webmaker.

William MorrisSomething of William Morris
Although an Anglo-Catholic only in his early years, Morris' non-authoritarian vision of a
Socialist future inspired many in the movement and is still highly relevant.

ReaderSome Reading
A listing of of a wide range of sources by and about Anglo-Catholic Socialists.

Sergius/BacchusSome Links
A somewhat arbitrary collection of links to other web pages of interest.

ShofarThe Jubilee Group
An international network of "sacramental socialists".

GregoryAbout this site
Including information on how to contact us.
Read about Anglican Left, our on-line support group.

moses Announcements
Includes list of recent updates and additions
Last updated Saturday, December 24 , 2005

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"Are we to speak when individuals sin, and not when a nation? . . . Must we speak to the poor, but not to the rich and powerful?" Tracts for the Times, no. 2

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