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69 Reassessing the Implications of a Nuclear-Armed Iran, by Judith S. Yaphe and Charles D. Lutes, August 2005   PDF
68 Clausewitzian Friction and Future War (Revised edition), by Barry D. Watts, August 2004 (First printing October 1996)   PDF
67 'Oil for the Lamps of China' - Beijing's 21st Century Search for Energy, by Bernard D. Cole, October 2003 HTML PDF
66 Europe's New Security Vocation, by Michael Brenner, March 2002 PDF
65 Agricultural Bioterrorism:  A Federal Strategy to Meet the Threat, Henry S. Parker HTML PDF
64 The Strategic Implications of a Nuclear-Armed Iran, Kori N. Schake & Judith S. Yaphe  HTML PDF
63 All Possible Wars?  Towards a Consensus View of the Future Security Environment, 2001-2025, Sam J. Tangredi,  HTML PDF
62 The Revenge of the Melians:  Asymmetric Threats and the Next QDR, Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., November 2000 HTML PDF
61 llumating Tomorrow's War, Martin Libicki, November 1999 HTML PDF
60 The Revolution in Military Affairs:  Allied Perspectives, Robbin F. Laird and Holger H. Mey, April 99 HTML PDF
59 Right Makes Might:  Freedom and Power in the Information Age, David Gompert, May 1998 HTML PDF
58 Searching for Partners:  Regional Organizations and Peace Operations, William H. Lewis & Edward Marks, June 1998  HTML PDF
57 Modern U.S. Civil-Military Relations: Wielding the Terrible Swift Sword, David E. Johnson, July 1997. PDF
56 Turkey:  Thwarted Ambition, Simon V. Mayall, January 1997 PDF
55 American-Ukrainian Nuclear Relations, Roman Popadiuk, October 1996 PDF
54 Caribbean Security on the Eve of the 21st Century, Ivelaw L. Griffith, October 1996 HTML PDF
53 Defiant Again: Indigenous Peoples and Latin American Security, Donna Lee Van Cott, October 1996 HTML PDF
52 Clausewitzian Friction and Future War, Barry D. Watts, October 1996  HTML PDF
51 The Major Powers in Northeast Asian Security, Ralph A. Cossa, August 1996 PDF
50 Mobilizing U.S. Industry in World War II, Alan L. Gropman, August 1996 HTML PDF
49 Trouble in Paradise? Europe in the 21 Century, Steven Kramer and Irene Kyriakopoulos, March 1996 HTML PDF
48 Khomeini's Incorporation of Iranian Military, Mark J. Roberts, January 1996  HTML PDF
47 The New Great Game in Muslim Central Asia, M.E. Ahrari, January 1996 HTML PDF
46 NATO's Future Beyond Collective Defense, Stanley R. Sloan, December 1995 HTML PDF
45 Deterrence Theory: Success or Failure in Arab-Israeli Wars? Elli Lieberman, October 1995 HTML PDF
44 International Military Education and Training: An Assessment, John A. Cope,  HTML PDF
43 The Mitterand Legacy and the Future of French Security Policy, Ronald Tiersky, August 1995 HTML PDF
42 Ukraine: Stability and Instability, John Jaworsky, August 1995. HTML PDF
41 Radical Responses to Radical Regimes: Evaluating Preemptive Counter-Proliferation, Barry R. Schneider, May 1995 HTML PDF
40 NATO Expansion and Alternative Future Security Alignments in Europe, James W. Morrison, April 1995.  HTML PDF
39 Central European Civil-Military Relations and NATO Expansion, Jeffrey Simon, April 1995. HTML PDF
38 French Security Policy in Transition: Dynamics of Continuity and Change, Robbin Laird, March 1995. PDF
37 Interagency Cooperation: A Regional Model for Overseas Operations, William W, Mendel and David G. Bradford, March 1995. PDF
36 Explaining and Influencing Chinese Arms Transfers, Karl W. Eikenberry, February 1995. HTML PDF
35 NATO from Berlin to Bosnia: Trans-Atlantic Security in Transition, S. Nelson Drew, January 1995. HTML PDF
34 The Russian Military's Role in Politics, James H. Brusstar and Ellen Jones, January 1995. HTML PDF
33 American Neutrality in the 20th Century: the Impossible Dream, John N. Petrie, January 1995. HTML PDF
32 Moving the Force: Desert Storm and Beyond, Scott W. Conrad, December 1994. PDF
31 Redefining the U.S.-Japan Alliance: Tokyo's National Defense Program, Patrick M. Cronin and Michael J. Green, November 1994. PDF
30 Vladimir Zhirinovskiy: An Assessment of a Russian Ultra-Nationalist, James W. Morrison, April 1994.   HTML PDF
29 Iran's Strategic Intentions and Capabilities, Patrick Clawson, ed., April 1994. PDF
28 The Mesh and the Net: Speculation on Armed Conflict in a Time of Free Silicon, Martin C. Libicki, March 1994. HTML PDF
27 In Search of a Post-Cold War Security Structure, Gregory D. Foster, February 1994. PDF
26 Triage for Failing States, Edward Marks and William Lewis, January 1994. HTML PDF
25 Peacekeeping: The Way Ahead? William H. Lewis, John Mackinlay, John G. Ruggie, and Sir Brian Urquhart, November 1993. PDF
24 The Future of Palestine, Eugene V. Rostow, November 1993. PDF
23 Czechoslovakia's "Velvet Divorce," Visegrad Cohesion, and European Fault Lines, Jeffrey Simon, October 1993. PDF
22 How Has Saddam Hussein Survived? Economic Sanctions, 1990-93, Patrick Clawson, August 1993. PDF
21 Developing Battle field Technologies in the 1990s, Edwin R Carlisle, ed., August 1993. PDF
20 European Security Toward the Year 2000, William T. Johnson and Thomas Durell-Young; Jeffrey Simon; Daniel N. Nelson; William C. Bodie, and James McCarthy, August 1993. HTML PDF
19 Should Article 43 of the United Nations Charter Be Raised From the Dead? Eugene V. Rostow, July 1993. PDF
18 Interoperability: A Desert Storm Case Study, Sterling D. Sessions and Carl R. Jones, July 1993. HTML PDF
17 Military Implications of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, William H. Lewis (ed.), June 1993. PDF
16 Moscow's "Near Abroad": Security Policy in Post-Soviet Europe, William C. Bodie, June 1993. HTML PDF
15 Bulgaria's Quest for Security After the Cold War, Oscar W. Clyatt, Jr., February 1993. PDF
14 US and NATO Force Structure and Military Operations in the Mediterranean, Ted Greenwood, June 1993. PDF
13 From Gettysburg to the Gulf and Beyond: Coping With Revolutionary Technological Change, Richard J. Dunn III, 1993. PDF
12 Friend or Ally? A Question for New Zealand, Ewan Jamieson, May 1991. PDF
11 Iran: Soviet Interests, US Concerns, Ralph A. Cossa, July 1990. PDF
10 Arabism and Islam: Stateless Nations and Nationless States, Christine M. Helms, September 1990. PDF
9 Managing Crises in Defense Industry: The PEPCON and Avtex Cases, Steven R. Linke, June 1990. PDF
8 A Strategic View of Insurgencies: Insights from El Salvador, Max G. Manwaring and Court Prisk, May 1990. PDF
7 "The Tradition of Change in Soviet Foreign Policy," and Francis Conte, "Two Schools of Soviet Diplomacy," in Understanding Soviet Foreign Policy, John Van Oudenaren, April 1990. PDF
6 Gorbachev and Soviet Policy in the Third World, Melvin A Goodman, February 1990. PDF
5 What Makes Industries Strategic, Martin C. Libicki, November 1989. PDF
4 SDI and Arms Control, Howard G. DeWolf, November 1989. PDF
3 President, Prime Minister, or Constitutional Monarch?, Eugene V. Rostow, October 1989   PDF
2 Grand Strategy and the Pacific Region, John E. Endicott, May 1989. PDF
1 Egypt and the New Arab Coalition, Joseph P. Lorenz, February 1989. PDF


Strategic Forum 218
Constabulary Forces and Postconflict Transition: The Euro-Atlantic Dimension
November 2005

Defense Horizons 50:
Sweden's Use of Commercial Information Technology for Military Applications, by Franklin D. Kramer and John C. Cittadino, October 2005

McNair Paper 69:
Reassessing the Implications of a Nuclear-Armed Iran, by Judith S. Yaphe and Charles D. Lutes, August 2005

"Review of Psychological Operations Lessons Learned from Recent Operational Experience", by Christopher J. Lamb, September 2005

"Transforming Defense", by Christopher J. Lamb, September 2005

"Sustaining U.S.-European Global Security Cooperation",
by Stephen J. Flanagan,
September 2005

Issue 39, 4th Quarter 2005

This issue features the 2005 Chairman’s Strategic Essay Contest winners. Now available online and in hard copy.




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