Green Vision for Minneapolis - Viable Alternatives

Effective Government
Electoral Reform and Grassroots Democracy

First and foremost, our campaign is about effective government, starting with election reform. As you may know, of the four pillars of the Green Party is the value of Grassroots Democracy. Only when we have comprehensive democratic reform - primarily electoral reform - will we actualize true Grassroots Democracy at the municipal level where all interests are represented. With electoral reform, including IRV and public financing of campaigns, a truly effective government is possible.

We are specifically advocating for:

Healthy Environment
Clean and Green Minneapolis & Ecological Wisdom

Secondly, our campaign is about championing a healthy environment. Minneapolis Ward 3 has a unique set of ecological challenges - and communities from the grassroots have sprung to meet these challenges. We will join them to protect and improve the upper Mississippi River corridor from unwise development, as well as hold polluters accountable for degrading our air and soil quality. We will advocate for a more biker and pedestrian friendly city and advocate for long-term, ecological and economically wise public transportation needs. Any viable Green candidate will be an unwavering voice for Ecological Wisdom (another Green Party value and pillar) and a sustainable, clean and green city! Our commitment to the environment is what sets us apart above the rest of any political party. We continue that proud tradition here in Ward 3.

We are specifically advocating for:

Safe Communities
Social Justice, Nonviolence and Harm Reduction

Thirdly, our campaign is about our commitment to safe communities, which is our commitment Social and Economic Justice - another Green Party value and one of the four pillars. This includes a concrete commitment to community policing and training, livable wage jobs, reforming our local drug policy and enforcement, direct neighborhood funding (NRP), and many other quality of life issues.

We are specifically advocating for:

Economic Justice – Fiscal and Mutual Responsibility

Respect for Diversity
Strengthen the Arts and enriching cultural life in Ward 3

We aim to enrich the lives of local residents and visitors by integrating public art into planning, services, and design infrastructures – with a special emphasis on existing infrastructures. We will stimulate participation in and appreciation of the arts by all city residents, particularly from residents in the Third Ward who aren't quite familiar with their artist neighbors and the resources and quality of life they provide to the neighborhoods. This means working closely with the Minneapolis Arts Commission to enact the City of Minneapolis Plan for Art and Culture, continuing to advocate for Art in Public Places policies already enacted by the City Council (again, a focus on existing infrastructure) with a non-traditional focus of commissioning artists not necessarily for City capitol projects, but also for neighborhood-oriented improvement projects and public art projects in general.

We are specifically advocating for:

Other Minneapolis Issues

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