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Chaco is a Python toolkit for producing interactive plotting applications. Chaco apps can range from simple line plotting scripts up to GUI applications for interactively exploring different aspects of interrelated data. Chaco leverages other Enthought libraries such as Kiva, Enable, and Traits to produce highly interactive plots of publication quality. Chaco is available as a separate download or as part of the Enthought Tool Suite (whose dependencies can be had as part of the enthon python distribution).

Chaco's Goals:

  • Interactive - Scientists should be able to interact with their data in real-time in the context of a plot. Chaco provides a framework for developing rich interactions with data. Interactivity is not limited to individual plots, but is capable of spanning different views of the same or related data. Examples include, selecting, filtering and editing of data.
  • Scalable - Scientific computation involves very large data sets. Chaco is capable of handling such data sets while remaining reponsive and interactive.
  • Quality output - Sharing work and publishing results are critical tasks for scientists. Plots created by Chaco for the purposes of data analysis are publication quality. Furthermore, the framework integrates as seemlessly as possible with publication applications.
  • Extensible - Users across the spectrum from scientist to software developer will wish to extend Chaco. Where specific types of extension can be identified, API's for contributing those extensions can be created, documented, and exposed through the Envisage plugin framework.
  • Scriptable - Users want the ability to produce ad-hoc plots through a simple scripting interface without being required to learn the internals of the Chaco platform. The simplified scripting interface supports all of the other Chaco goals.

For documentation, tutorials, and bleeding-edge status, check out the Chaco Wiki.

To report problems, please submit an issue using our Issue Tracker.

You can either download the standalone Chaco package here and grab the prerequisites listed, or you can check out the Enthought code suite from SVN. This includes Traits, Kiva, Chaco, and several other packages that you can then build from source. Because Chaco is under heavy development, this latter option is preferred. More information on getting the Enthought libraries and building them can be found here.


Docs may be found in the repository here.


Python-2.3.5 for Windows (SciPy 0.3.2 is only supported on Python 2.3.5)
wxPython-2.6 for Python 2.3 (ANSI)
Traits UI-1.0.2 Kiva-0.1.0


Release 0.2.0 (2005-10-10 17:47)
Python 2.3 - Windows chaco-0.2.0.win32.exe 1.42 MB
Source Code chaco-0.2.0.src.tgz 14.77 MB

To report problems, please submit an issue using our Trac Instance for code.enthought.com issues.

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