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Babe Ruth was a band that formed in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, in 1971. 
Guitarist Alan Shacklock founded this progressive rock band. 
They had a rhythmic, bluesy, guitar orientated sound capped off by the blistering vocals of Jenny Hahn.  Rounded out by Chris Holmes (keyboards and organ), Dave Punshon (piano), Dave Hewitt, (bass) and Dick Powell, (drums) this British band always put on a great live show.

Jennie Hahn's raw powerful vocals, along with Alan Shacklock's
magnificent guitar work made for their true signature sound.
With very varied eclectic tastes they covered songs like 
Frank Zappa's "King Kong", and Curtis Mayfield's "We People Darker Than Blue". 

They enjoyed moderate commercial success in Britain, Canada, and the States, but were plagued by personnel problems, and lack of radio airplay.

When vocalist Jennie Hahn left the band for parts unknown, the band lost direction and never regained its initial success. I became aware of them through Boston progressive radio where their great song "The Mexican" became a minor hit.

Their 1972 album "First Base", with its cover art by famed Yes artist, Roger Dean, remains one of my most favorite albums to this day.
I suggest you give this album a listen, because it is simply one of the best rock albums of all time.

Although long gone, Babe Ruth should never be forgotten.


Jenny Hahn recently wrote me a letter I'd like to share with all of you. 
April 4, 2005,

Hi Bobby.  Janita (Jenny) Haan here.  Firstly thank you so much for all that you are doing.   I just thought you would like to know that Alan and Dave H are flying in from Nashville next week. 
We are coming together for meetings April 11 & 12th 2005 and viewing the studio for recording new tracks. 
Alan has written at the moment approximately 11 tracks. 
We are hoping to start recording in the next few months. 
Will keep you posted.  Much respect, Jen x

Sounds like great news for all of us Babe Ruth fans.
When I learn more I will keep you posted.

Update December 10, 2005:

Just to bring you up to speed with what is happening with the band.... the recordings are in full swing and we are hoping to finish sometime in 2006. I am due to fly out to Nashville to do vocals early Jan and Dave Punshon will also fly out for piano solos etc.... drums bass and guitars etc all going down.

We hope you shall all enjoy the music and once again thank you for keeping the music alive...

A very merry christmas to you all and a peaceful new year.

Janita Haan Morris



Babe Ruth Discography
  • First Base - 1972
  • Amar Caballero - 1973
  • Stealin' Home - 1975
  • Babe Ruth - 1975
  • Kid's Stuff - 1976
  • Best of Babe Ruth - 1977
  • Grand Slam: The Best of Babe Ruth - 1995
Babe Ruth DVD
I have excellent video performance of Babe Ruth in Montreal from 1975.  If anyone wants to trade for it please let me know.
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Here are some screen shots from the DVD

Babe Ruth DVD Songlist:

1. Fistful of Dollars 
2.Sad But Rich
3. Dancer
4. We People Darker Than Blue 
5. The Mexican 
6. Black Dog 
7. I Found A Love
8. Wells Fargo 

Click Here to see the 
Real Media clip of 
"The Mexican"

Please give the movie a moment to load.

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CLICK HERE to see a clip of the DVD!
Click Here to see the the 
Real Media clip of
"We People Darker Than Blue"

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The DVD has a menu and song chapters.
Once again if anyone wants to trade for this DVD or Babe Ruth CD's please let me know.

If you have any rare Babe Ruth Band music or video I would be very interested in trading. 

I am looking to trade for:

  • First Base - Import Copy w/ Theme from For a Few Dollars More
  • Amar Caballero
  • Kid's Stuff 
  • Best of Babe Ruth
  • Grand Slam: The Best of Babe Ruth
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I also have a great CD of Babe Ruth live at the BBC from around 1974.
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Click Here to hear an Mp3 clip of King Kong.

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