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Full Software Index

Internet Software (Web, mail, news, chat, P2P)

[green] Mozilla Suite
[green] Mozilla Firefox
[green] Mozilla Thunderbird
[green] Opera
[green] Pegasus Mail
[green] Xnews
[green] Gaim
[green] Just Another Jabber Client (JAJC)
[green] Miranda
[green] Trillian Basic
[green] Azureus
[green] BitTorrent
[green] DC++
[green] eMule
[green] Gnucleus
[green] Shareaza
[green] Soulseek
[green] WinMX

Multimedia (audio, video, image) software

[green] foobar2000
[yellow] iTunes
[green] Media Player Classic (MPC)
[green] MPlayer
[green] Picasa 2
[green] Real Alternative
[green] VLC
[yellow] Winamp
[green] Zinf Audio Player
[green] Audacity
[green] VirtualDub

Graphics and plotting software

[green] Blender
[green] GIMP
[green] gnuplot
[green] Inkscape
[yellow] IrfanView
[green] XnView

Office and publishing software

[green] AbiWord
[yellow] Adobe Acrobat/Reader
[green] Brava Reader
[yellow] Foxit PDF Reader
[green] Ghostscript
[green] PDFCreator

Security, antivirus and antispam software

[green] Ad-Aware
[green] AntiVir Personal Edition
[yellow] avast! Home Edition
[green] AVG Free Edition
[green] ClamWin
[green] Spybot - Search & Destroy
[yellow] Sygate Personal Firewall
[green] ZoneAlarm
[green] K9
[green] POPFile
[green] SpamBayes
[green] SpamPal
[green] GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard)
[green] PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
[green] Windows Privacy Tools (WinPT)

Utility software

[green] Ethereal
[green] FileZilla
[green] PuTTY
[green] TightVNC
[green] Ultr@VNC
[green] WinSCP
[green] Audiograbber
[green] CDBurnerXP Pro
[green] CDex
[green] DVD Decrypter
[green] DVD Shrink
[green] 7-Zip
[green] Cygwin
[green] IZArc
[green] NIST Time
[green] Crimson Editor
[green] Notepad++