A LIST Apart: For People Who Make Websites

No. 209

December 19, 2005

We take a break from stuffing ourselves with holiday treats to present a meditation on gridlock and a down-to-earth primer on form usability. Happy holidays; we’ll see you next year.

Thinking Outside the Grid

CSS has broken the manacles that kept us chained to grid-based design…so why do so few sites deviate from the grid? Molly E. Holzschlag can tell us that the answer has something to do with airplanes, urban planning, and British cab drivers.

Sensible Forms: A Form Usability Checklist

Sometimes it’s the little things that drive you nuts. As many of us have probably noticed during this season of holiday shopping, usability problems in online forms can be infuriating. Brian Crescimanno helps solve the problem with a checklist of form-usability recommendations.

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originally ran: July 14, 2000

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