Rails and Django

On December 3rd, Ruby and Python developers from all over Chicago gathered at DePaul University to hear two of the leaders in the Web 2.0 movement debate the merits of each other’s frameworks. Adrian Holovaty, one of the creators of the Django framework for Python, and David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails framework answered questions about their work and the future of Web application development.

Update! Jacob Kaplan-Moss has just posted the video and audio from the event. Kudos to him and the rest of the team!

Update! David and Adrian have both posted their presentations (1, 2).

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Questions for Both [rss]

What are the features, if any, you feel your respective frameworks are either missing or implement poorly? #

Posted by Jason Gessner on 12.01.2005

In undertaking your respective projects, in the begining, what kept you motivated? And--for aspiring developers out there, what advice or encouragement do you have? #

Posted by Jonathan Andrew Wolter on 11.30.2005

What are the main differences in the Python and Ruby communities, and how you interact with the community? #

Posted by Eduardo de Oliveira Padoan on 11.29.2005

What do you guys think of ColdFusion? Flex? #

Posted by Annette on 11.28.2005

I was wondering if you could comment on the Eclipse IDE and if you have any plans to integrate more somehow with it or if you are favoring other IDEs. What IDE do you use? #

Posted by Anonymous on 11.28.2005

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Questions for Adrian [rss]

With all the template engines already available (Smarty, Cheetah, ClearSilver, etc.) what are the advantages and disadvantages to using Django templates over something else? #

Posted by Damien on 12.02.2005

What do you think that your project (Django|Rails) can learn from the other (Rails|Django), and what you think the other project should learn from yours? #

Posted by Eduardo de Oliveira Padoan on 11.29.2005

What you think about TurboGears? Did you take a look at it? #

Posted by Eduardo de Oliveira Padoan on 11.29.2005

o you think that Django can be the "killer app" that some people says Python lacks? #

Posted by Edaurdo de Oliveira Padoan on 11.29.2005

I'd like you to give a short comparison of Django and Zope 3. Currently I'm a Zope 2 user and I need some clues why should I move my further development (medium and large applications) to Django and not to Zope 3. What are Django's advantages? Than... #

Posted by eXt on 11.28.2005

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Questions for David [rss]

Ruby on Rails' Active Record has inspired me to read Martin Fowler's book, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture. Fowler presents the Data Mapper pattern (http://www.martinfowler.com/eaaCatalog/dataMapper.html) which has the benifit over... #

Posted by Ryan Gerry on 12.02.2005

Rails stores the session ID as a cookie but does not use a mangled URL as a backup if the client has disabled cookies. Will the mangled URL become an option? #

Posted by Marty Kalin on 11.29.2005

Have you seen trails (https://trails.dev.java.net/)? Do you think the java community will eventually make this something to rival rails? #

Posted by nate Kirby on 11.28.2005

After reading the Smalltalk FAQ v1.0 at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/smalltalk-faq/, I have found many similar traits between that of Smalltalk and Ruby. Out of all the languages, especially between Smalltalk which seems to be so closely related to ... #

Posted by Nathaniel Brown on 11.27.2005

I have heard very little about Conductor, yet I am very interested in what this quest is about. Please explain what Conductor is, and what you have in store for us Rails developers keenly interested in the next phase of the Rails evolution. #

Posted by Nathaniel Brown on 11.27.2005

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