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2005-08-01 - IDAPython cross-reference documentation

One of the areas that I have been working on since the previous release is documentation. There is now an intermediate (0.7.91) version of the cross-reference documentation which was created using Epydoc. Please note that not all functions listed there are present in the public IDAPython version 0.7.0.

The online version is available for your browsing pleasure at

You can also get a single-archive version for offline browsing in the form of this ZIP file.

As always, comments and feedback are welcome.

2005-06-15 - IDAPython version 0.7.0 released

After a long silence a new version of IDAPython have been released. Unfortunately making a proper Linux binary build that would work on at least two distros has proven to be more hassle than its worth. Because of this the Linux binary has been pulled. Linux users, please see the Building Instructions. It’s easy, really. ;)

As returning visitors might also notice, the page has changed quite a bit. This one is now powered by Dokuwiki in the hope that it would speed up the documentation process.

Notable changes from version 0.6.0 to 0.7.0:

  • Batch execution support (use the option
  • Added ScriptBox - lists previously run scripts (Hotkey:Alt-7)
  • Added support for IDA Pro 4.8 (both Linux and Windows)
  • Dropped support for IDA Pro 4.6 and 4.6SP1 versions
  • Wrapped the list chooser (see examples/
  • A dozen or so IDC functions added
  • Lots of char * API calls wrapped
  • Added Python error handling in the plugin C layer
  • Bunch of misc small cleanups and fixes
  • For more details see CHANGES-SWIG.txt and CHANGES-Plugin.txt
  • API CHANGE: {Next|Prev}Function() return BADADDR instead of -1

Older news and announcements are on the Older News page.

About IDAPython

With IDAPython you can use the Python programming language to write scripts that run inside IDA Pro. These programs have access to IDA Plugin API, IDC and all modules available for Python. The power of IDA Pro and Python provides a platform for easy prototyping of reverse engineering and other research tools.

IDAPython consists of several modules:

  • IDAPython plugin: loaded to IDA Pro and contains the API wrappers
  • Python wrapper with class definitions
  • IDC compatibility module
  • convenience functions

IDAPython is not complete, yet it is functional. It neeed lots of testing so if you have any comments or bug reports please do not hesitate to drop me a mail to dyce [at] this_domain.



File MD5SUM Description 563b7ab118939d56ebf2791c0eb97fc3 Windows Binary Release for IDA Pro 4.7 b9ac28eadaa37e5e6d2511aee44a21bb Windows Binary Release for IDA Pro 4.8
idapython-0.7.0-src.tar.gz d87f235e86478e8f1ab67a6b7462c06d Source code archive d07e79522f2bd1d7f313c8fa19fbde4e Source code archive

For the archeologist in you, previous releases can be downloaded from the Older Releases page.


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