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Word of warning: I am not a certified or licensed mechanic and can not guarantee the accuracy of this information. Like any other information on the internet, you should check elsewhere to make sure information is correct. Some information on this site is merely my opinion and may differ from what is recommended by BMW and other sources of information. Use your good judgement and research your problem. A good reference book is the Robert Bentley 5-series book. Remember if you are severly mechanically challenged you can pay someone who knows how to do this rather than deciding you can't do it when its completely apart. Believe me mechanics hate it when you bring in a box of parts and ask them to assemble it for you.

I have a lot of photos on these pages so be patient when downloading with a 28.8 connection. You may not be able to download these pages with dial-up due to your browser timing out. If pictures are half loaded try reloading once. If the page looks odd it may be because your monitor is too small. I made these pages on a 21 inch monitor so pages will be squeezed on a 17 inch or smaller.

If you see the repair procedure you want but it goes to another car, read it anyway. Many of the repairs on BMW's are some what similar in procedure on another model. Research the tools you need before doing the job. Having the right tools and knowledge can save an incredible amount of time, frustration, cussing, loss of sanity, spousal or vehicle abuse, and bodily injuries.


E34 535I

Front Strut and upper/lower control arm replacement

Instrument cluster Nazi or capacitor replacement and troubleshooting symptoms
Fan and temperature control panel lightbulb replacement
Radiator and water pump replacement
Oil change and where to check for an add freon
Rear strut replacement
Front grill removal

E24 M6

M6 clutch replacement

///M fan syndrome (For non-M cars "Kamikaze blower fan")

How to avoid monthly CPR on your Garage Queen
M6 headrest cable repair

E23 735I

Blower fan replacement
Head rest cable repair
My HVAC microswitch troubles
Condenser replacement and radiator removal
Transfer pump replacement

E23 with E34 basketweaves









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