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    What's Hot?

  • Announcing the Release of MacPerl 5.6.1
    The current version of MacPerl is MacPerl 5.6.1r1 (based on Perl 5.6.1), available at these MacPerl archive sites. Or, go straight to the CPAN ports page. or Source Forge

    For complete details of the changes, including incompatible changes, see the macperldelta document, included with MacPerl and on the WWW at

  • Join the macperl-announce mailing list to stay up to date with announcements in the MacPerl world.

  • Join the macperl-scribes mailing list if you'd like to submit an article (or if you simply want to discuss issues related to documenting and writing about MacPerl!

  • Pointers to articles about MacPerl, online.

    MacPerl 5 runs on MacOS 7.0 and later... if you have a 68K Mac, see the FAQ for more information.

  • MacPerl: Power and Ease, the definitive work on MacPerl, is available for your reading pleasure.

    A Japanese translation of MacPerl: Power and Ease, published by ASCII Books, is now available.

  • Submit cool code examples or interesting usage stories for inclusion in the MacPerl book and/or the MacPerl Pages.

What is MacPerl?

MacPerl is an adaptation of Perl (5) for the Apple Macin- tosh. Versions are available for both 68K and PowerPC processors, running under either the Mac OS Finder or MPW (the Macintosh Programmers Workbench).


MacPerl offers (nearly) all the features of Perl plus oodles of Macintosh-specific functionality!

Easy to install

MacPerl is just another application (under the Finder) or tool (under MPW).

MacPerl is free

MacPerl is freely redistributable, in both source and binary forms, under either the Perl Artistic License or the General Public License (GPL) of the GNU Project.

The Perl Homepage

TPerl Mongers


The Perl Journal


Perl References

What is Perl?

In the words of its author, Larry Wall, Perl is a language for "getting your job done". Perl is used for: CGI scripts, data transformations, document processing, genetic sequence analysis, system and network administration, and more!

For discussions about MacPerl and to interact with members of the MacPerl Community,
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