Population Density

I also decided to look at population density. To do this, I divided the number of people recorded per county with the calculated map acreage of each county. This gives me a fairly good estimate of the recorded population density for each county. What I discovered is that out of the 3140 counties listed in the Census population data only 178 counties were calculated to have a population density over one person per acre. Not surprisingly, New York County (which contains Manhattan) had the highest population density with a calculated 104.218 persons per acre. The lowest calculated population density was the Yuokon-Koyukuk Census Area with a calculated population density of 0.000044923 persons per acre.

With the exception of San Francisco County (ranked number 5th with a population density of 25.62 people per acre), all of the ten most densely population counties in the United States are along the East Coast. Eight out of the ten least populated counties were found in Alaska. Garfield County, Montana and Loving County, Texas were the other two.

Click on image for larger map. For the purpose of viewing, Alaska and Hawaii are shown at a different scale than the Continental United States.

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Data derived from 2000 U.S. Census population reports at the county level.


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