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Open Wiki is similar to a content management system.

It's that simple. A quick and easy way to post your thoughts to the web from anywhere and retrieve them again.

Open Wiki can be collaboratively edited, by anyone or a selected few, using a web browser only.

The concept of a wiki is that the quality of content rises when everyone is allowed, even encouraged, to author and refactor any page. The first implementation of a wiki can be found at [1].

Open Wiki runs in IIS using ASP. It was first launched in September 2001. It gives much more power over the Wiki interface through XML stylesheets.

If you want to try out writing in a wiki, please do it in the Sand Box Not here!?

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March 20, 2002: OpenWiki v0.78 SP1 is available. Features include:

Yes, it has now been 3 years since the last version came out. Some people think because it's "old" it can't be good anymore. Well, it has been good then, and it still is good for thousands of people and businesses around the world, every day. I think stability also has its charm.

Language specific OpenWiki

Starting Points

Future Versions

News Flash - Open Wiking nearly ready for release. Visit to download lastest beta and give us feedback.

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Comments and/or suggestions? Please send them to laurens at

For general discussion of Open Wiki issues, join the new Yahoo Open Wiki group at

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