Drug addiction treatment centers assist millions of people in their quest to overcome their disease. In fact, it is estimated that on any given day in the United States there are 700,000 people in drug rehab around the country. For many, this marks a fresh start, a rebirth. It is an opportunity to rebuild broken relationships and broken lives. Those who successfully complete drug rehab join a recovery community that is already millions strong. This website is dedicated to addicts and family members of addicts who are searching for answers.

Its goal is to help those suffering from drug abuse and/or their loved ones to make informed choices when entering drug rehab. For practicing addicts and their families no choice is more important than finding the right drug addiction treatment center.

Unfortunately, each year thousands of addicts suffer great losses due to drug abuse. For some this means a house or job, while others have lost their families and friends. Most unfortunate, are the family members of addicts who did not find their way into addiction treatment in time and died of their disease.

The philosophy at AddictionsResources is that it is that drug addiction is a disease, and research shows this to be true. The bad news is that, to date, there is no sure cure: the good news is that drug addiction is treatable. Like the cancer patient who undergoes treatment and enters remission, addicts can enter recovery through drug rehab. Recovery can be thought of as disease management, like the diabetic who must take daily doses of insulin the addict must also pay attention on a daily basis to their recovery, but both the diabetic and the addict can live long and prosperous lives if they learn to manage their respective diseases.

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