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Thursday, February 02, 2006     Editions: Edition Preference

=MBA Insider content

Business School Rankings
Here's your roadmap for finding — and getting into — the best B-school for you

The head of the school's career management office talks about trends in company recruiting and MBA hiring

Admissions Q&As
Officials from leading B-schools explain how they decide which applicants to accept

Admissions Interview Tips
Find out what specific schools are looking for during the admissions interviews and what types of questions they've been asking recent candidates

Sample Application Essays
Learn from students who've been admitted, and read essays that worked

A Day in the Life
What do MBAs do in real life? To give you an on-the-ground look, BusinessWeek Online has invited a wide cross section of recent MBAs to describe a typical day at work

Recruiter Q&As • New
What traits are companies looking for in an MBA? Corporate recruiters from around the world reveal how candidates can win a job at their companies

Alumni Insights
Our exclusive survey of MBAs who graduated from the 30 top schools in 1992 reveals how they've fared -- and how they value their MBA now
Plus: Alumni Comparator & Alumni Comments

Best Schools, by Specialty
Get the inside scoop on the best schools for management/consulting, entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance/investment banking.
Plus: Specialties Comparator

Specialty Videos
See videos of students and top professors discussing their schools' most popular concentrations

Mock Interview Videos
Don't blow your B-school interview. Our mock interviews will show you what to do -- and what not to do -- during this crucial step in the admissions process

School Tours
Want to see where you might be going? Use your PC to take virtual tours of more than 100 schools

Case Studies
The latest news and analysis from BusinessWeek and BusinessWeek Online on popular B-school specialties: Management, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship

Best College

ROI Calculator
Compare the likely return you'll get on your MBA investment at various schools

MBA Comparator
Compare, side-by-side, how over 300 B-schools match up on everything from curriculum to faculty to student body to placement

Customizable Comparator
Choose your own criteria for comparing schools

Specialties Comparator
Which B-schools are strongest in the majors that most MBA students choose? It's a frequently asked question that our Specialty Comparator now helps answer. You can compare the top schools in these popular concentrations: Entrepreneurship, finance, management, and marketing

Alumni Comparator
Is an MBA degree worth it? BusinessWeek surveyed members of the MBA Class of '92 in search of an answer. Now, BusinessWeek Online's MBA Alumni Comparator lets you slice the survey data for yourself

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  5. Nortel and Huawei's Broadband Bet

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