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Advanced, renewable
biofuel for today's
Cost effective way
to reduce emissions
and gasoline use
Lowers GHGs, increases
energy security, helps
build rural economies
Fuels and vehicles:
an integrated
Cellulose Ethanol Process


Iogen Technology Makes it Possible

Process Overview

Iogen technology makes it economically feasible to convert biomass into cellulose ethanol using a combination of thermal, chemical and biochemical techniques. The yield of cellulose ethanol is more than 300 litres per tonne of fibre. The lignin in the plant fibre can be used to drive the process by generating electricity, recycling emissions and reducing fossil fuel usage.

Technology Innovations


Iogen developed efficient pretreatment methods to increase the surface area and "accessibility" of the plant fibre to enzymes, reducing overall conversions costs. We achieve this through our modified steam explosion process. This improves ethanol yields and increases pretreatment efficiency.

Enzyme Production

Iogen has new, highly potent and efficient cellulose enzyme systems tailored to the specific pretreated feedstock. Iogen already has a worldwide business making enzymes for fibre processing industries including pulp and paper and textiles.

Enzymatic Hydrolysis

Iogen developed reactor systems that feature high productivity and conversion of cellulose to glucose. This is accomplished through separate hydrolysis and fermentation using a multi-stage hydrolysis process.

Ethanol Fermentation

Iogen uses advanced microorganisms and fermentation systems that convert both C6 and C5 sugars into ethanol. The "beer" produced by fermentation is then distilled using conventional technology to produce cellulose ethanol for fuel grade applications.

Process Integration

Iogen has successfully integrated all the processes within its demonstration scale cellulose ethanol facility. Large-scale process designs include energy efficient heat integration, water recycling and co-product production that make the overall process efficient and economical.




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