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Download GeekAlarm! Now.

A simple yet powerful ergonomic solution for helping prevent RSI, CTS, and CVS.

  • Does GeekAlarm! help prevent repetitive strain injury?
    GeekAlarm! reminds you to take breaks (and enforces them) at selected intervals throughout the day. Taking breaks is a key element in preventing RSI.
  • Does GeekAlarm! help prevent carpel tunnel syndrome?
    GeekAlarm! encourages you to stand up, move around, and even exercise during your breaks. GeekAlarm! is designed to give you 15 minutes of break for every two hours in your workday.
  • Does GeekAlarm! help prevent computer vision syndrome?
    GeekAlarm! makes the suggestion on each of your breaks to look out the window and focus on objects at varied distances. This combats the effects of staring at a computer monitor all day.
  • Comes with dynamic break management and customizable break reminders.

  • Can I customize GeekAlarm! alarm intervals and times?
    GeekAlarm! allows you to set the interval between breaks, the length of each break, and the enforcement of each break (active or passive).
  • Can I customize GeekAlarm! break notifications?
    GeelAlarm! also allows you to customize the images that are displayed during a break. It also allows you to customize the audio prompt at the start and end of each break.
  • Does GeekAlarm! tell me when I need a break?
    In active mode GeekAlarm! locks your computer down for the length of the break and give you some suggestions on what to do during your break. In passive mode, GeekAlarm! shows a balloon hint suggesting that it would be a good time to take a break.
  • Runs in the systray and has a simple easy to use

  • Is GeekAlarm! easy to use?
    Absolutely! GeekAlarm! comes pre-configured for enforced 30 minute breaks with each break lasting four and a half minutes. It is also pre-configured for audio prompts.
  • Does GeekAlarm! have a simple interface?
    Yes. GeekAlarm! has a simple interface with clear descriptions of each feature. You customize GeekAlarm! to fit your needs in less than a minute*.
  • Is GeekAlarm! better than other ergonomic software?
    You may have used other ergonomic software which is complicated and confusing -- GeekAlarm! is straightforward and easy. It comes preconfigured but is easy to customize for your individual situation.

  • Or download the Linux version of GeekAlarm.

    GeekAlarm! Control Panel
    Control Panel

    GeekAlarm! Alarm Type
    Alarm Type

    GeekAlarm! Alarm Setup
    Alarm Setup

    GeekAlarm! Break Setup
    Break Setup

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