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Ambigram.Matic: the Ambigram Generator

Version 1.5

The Letters

The letters combinations used by Ambigram.Matic, v.1.5, are original creations of David Holst, created using FutureSplash Animator on a PowerMac. Additional enhancements and improvements to the letters were added with the assistance of Nathan Dorrell. Screen captures of ambigrams created by this program should be credited, and if displayed online, linked to the Ambigram WebSite (http://Ambigram.Com).

Mapping out the entire alphabet was completed on December 31, 1995, by David Holst and his cousin, Stephanie Carbone. Version 1.5 of Ambigram.Matic features better use of frames, limited case-sensivity, and smaller file sizes for improved performance over slower connections.

The Program

The JavaScript. program that drives Ambigram.Matic was written by David Holst, as a project allowing interactive, online ambigram generation. The ambigrams it generates are not meant to be final products, but rather starting points for exploring and developing original ambigrams.

The Inspiration

Inspiration for this project and the letter combinations it uses came from original works by Scott Kim, John Langdon , Maurits C. Escher, Douglas Hofstadter, Stefan Gustavson, and Jared Pike.

For More information on Ambigrams, be sure to visit Ambigram.Com: the Ambigram WebSite!

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