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"Home is the Sailor, Home From The Sea.... And The Hunter, Home From The Hill"
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Permission Granted To Come Aboard...
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Making Waves and a Big Splash with U.S. Navy China Tableware, U.S. Navy Silverware, Antique Naval and Nautical Furniture, and Vintage Nautical Home Furnishings. ONLY Authentic Nautical Gift Ideas - No cheesy reproductions found here, only cheesy sailors!
Worldwide Authority and Largest Source of Antique US Naval Chinaware and Elegant Vintage USN Navy Silverware with a Distinctive Nautical Theme and Nautical Decor along with Restaurantware, Hotel China, Flatware, Silver Plate, Nautical Tableware, and Nautical Dinnerware from late 1800's to mid 1900's all used by the U.S. Navy. The Pirate's Lair is also a purveyor of fine damask United States Navy Linen Tablecloths, USN Navy Linen Napkins and other Nautical Table Linens and Gift Ideas for Men and Nautical Gift Ideas for Women. Appropriate for Military and Navy Enlisted Chief Petty Officer and Officer Retirement and Promotion Gifts, such as WW2 Liberty Ship Wooden Hatch Cover Coffee Tables and Antique "Captain's Cabin Sea Chests" refinished to store your hanging file folders and important papers normally found in a Sailor's Seabag!
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complete naval china dinnerware placesetting
Click Here for Vintage U.S. Navy China, Chinaware, Dinnerware and Tableware

Perfect Nautical Gift Idea as a nautical wedding gift or reception for a military Navy enlisted or Naval Officer with an elegant nautical theme for the newly wed Midshipman or Navy Officer. Perfect as a waterfront nautical home furnishing, nautical decor for boat or yacht owner, beach house, ocean resort, or that special fisherman or sailor!

Beautiful white antique US Navy china shown with dark blue striping and fouled anchor which is the most popular nautical pattern - perfect for everyday use or on special occasions such as formal Navy Dining-ins.

All U.S. Navy china and silverware can be purchased online here at The Pirate's Lair as individual pieces or as entire placesettings. Everything offered is in stock and ready to ship.

us navy silverware silver plate kings pattern Click Here For Antique U.S. Navy Silverware, Flatware, and Silver Plate engraved with a U.S. Navy Fouled Anchor in a unique and distinctive nautical dinnerware pattern in a subtle and elegant manner!

Durable, commercial-grade vintage U.S. Navy silverware shown in the silver plate intricate King's Pattern with engraved fouled anchor design complete "soup to nuts" place settings for both informal and formal dining with a distinctive Nautical theme!

formal naval table setting Click here for Authentic U.S. Navy Damask Vintage Table Linens, Tablecloths, Dinner Napkins, Cocktail Napkins, and Nautical Linens used by our sailors. USN Navy tablecloths come in varying sizes from 48" to a full banquet size 132" x 80".

Note the beautifully detailed white-on-white nautical pattern of stars and intertwined twisted nautical rope in long columns going the length of this 132" banquet size damask linen tablecloth. Navy linen has repeated patterns of the U.S. Navy Seal, Fouled Anchors, twisted/entwined Naval Rope, Stars and Eagles! A stunning formal dining-in is presented using authentic U.S. Navy China and Silverware in the sought after Kings Pattern.

The authentic U.S. Navy-issued silver plate gravy boats, cruet for the oil/vinegar salt/pepper and Naval ice bucket are clearly seen and can also all be purchased at The Pirate's Lair.

All Navy Table Linens are in stock and can be purchased Online. These beautiful WW2-era U.S. Navy Linen Tablecloths, Dinner Napkins and Cocktail Napkins will come to you professionally cleaned. Imagine having this same stunningly beautiful authentic nautical tableware actually used on U.S. Navy warships on your own dining room table!

liberty ship wooden hatch cover desk and treasure chest Click Here for authentic antique Nautical Home Furnishings, Nautical Furniture, and Gifts with a Nautical Decor such as real "Treasure Chests and Captain's Cabin Sea Chests", vintage U.S. Merchant Marine Liberty Ship Wooden Hatch Cover Coffee Tables, Nautical Desks, and other Naval Memorabilia with a Nautical Theme - Available and For Sale!

Note the beautifully refinished antique WW2 Libery Ship's wooden hatch cover refinished into a unique one-of-a-king Captain's Desk! A GREAT Nautical Gift Idea for Men!

The Sea Chests are original 19th century antique passenger chests and trunks with a unique nautical theme and nautical decor are truly "treasure chests" as they were used by steamship and sailing ship passengers and immigrants coming to America from Europe in the 1800's. In most cases these trunks contained the only wordly possessions these immigrants had in starting a new life in a new country. Similar refinished Captain's Sea Chests are offered at The Pirate's Lair .

The Pirate's Lair now offers you these refinished Sea Chests as a unique way to hold your hanging folders and files, store your desktop clutter such as pens, paperclips, staplers, tape dispensers, letter openers, and even your Notebook PC!!

liberty ship wood hatch cover coffee table ww2 ships wooden hatch cover dining table

Click Here For The Pirate's Favorite Nautical Links, Navy Information, Naval History, and other great Nautical Furniture Gift Ideas. WW2 Liberty Ship Wooden Hatch Cover Desks and Tables are also Available!

Pictured Nautical coffee tables and a nautical dining room table are salvaged from the cargo holds of 65 year old WW2 Liberty Ship Wooden Hatch Covers and are now available to you at The Pirate's Lair!

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The Navy china is the perfect and unique Nautical Gift Idea for Men and Women, offered by The Pirate's Lair is both antique and vintage. This is fine dinnerware, also called tableware or restaurantware, and was produced from the late 1800's to the mid 1900's.

The USN Navy also commissioned holloware also known as graniteware which is also highly collectable. The Navy silverplate and silverware was heavy and made for long lasting use by the leading silversmiths such as International Silver Company, Reed and Barton.
The antique Navy china was made by Homer Laughlin China Company, Tepco, Sterling China, Buffalo Tableware Company, Jackson, Walker, Oneida, and Shenango. The vintage china consisted of dinner and bread plates, salad, soup and berry bowls, coffee, tea and demitasse cups.
The Pirate's Lair also scours the seven seas for other great Nautical Gifts such as the very rare antique wooden hatch covers from the cargo holds of 65 year old Merchant Marine Liberty Ships. These Liberty Ships were produced in mass during WW2 to be the backbone supply ships for the U.S. Navy.
It was a race to build and launch these supply ships faster than they could be sunk by our adversaries! After WW2 these ships were decommissioned by the Navy, put into mothballs, sold to various shipping lines, foriegn governments and ultimately as scrap metal.
So we at the Pirate's Lair find it almost a patriotic duty to diligently find some of the steamer trunks and old vintage wood hatch covers used on these ships and refinish them for further use! We find them to be perfect complements to the Naval Chinaware, Flatware and Silverware.
Navy china and navy chinaware, steamer trunks and nautical chests, liberty ship hatch cover coffee tables (or nautical office desk, end table or kitchen table) all have a nautical theme and they make a wonderful nautical gift ideas for father's day gift, wedding gift, anniversaries and promotions in rank.
An antique or vintage liberty ship wooden hatch cover table is not that very expensive to afford and is the perfect gift ideas for men. The Naval dinnerware and tableware offered by The Pirates Lair is also called restaurantware or hotel china.
The Navy china plates, cups and platters are also called chinaware. The pots, pans, serving trays, creamers and gravy boats are called holloware. Both the steamer trunks and treasure chests are typically 100 years old.
All of the Navy silver plate and silverware are also called flatware.